Read on to know how you can use ice cubes for various activities related to our home.

Ice cubes can be used for numerous household problems than to just chill food. Here are some of the tried and tested ways to put frozen cubes to good use.

For house plant

 You can place frozen water cubes on top of the potting soil so that these cubes slowly melt and water the indoor plants.

For medication

Let the child, who needs to be medicated, suck on an ice cube before giving a bitter medication to mask the bitterness of the medicine.

For splinter pain

Rub ice on the area with splinter before you use a needle or tweezers to prick it out as this will help to alleviate the initial pain.

For eyes


Place a soft cloth or cotton on your eyes and put some ice cubes above it to soothe puffiness and tiredness of the eyes.

For bruise

Apply ice on the area from where blood is oozing out, such as cuts or bruises, to reduce swelling and control bleeding. You must wrap ice cubes in a cloth and not apply it directly onto the skin.

Too cool pets

Give your pets like dogs, cats, and hamsters ice cubes to chew upon as an alternate to a chewing toy, while these icey cubes help to cool and protect them from the intense summer heat.

Too smoothen caulking

Use an ice cube to smoothen out the caulking bead by running it along the seam. This way caulk won’t stick and make a nice edge.

For garbage disposal


Run some ice cubes with lemon slices through the garbage disposal to break down the grease and other gunk from it.

Clean glass vessels

You can clean the insides of a glass vessel with a narrow neck by adding some ice cubes, lemon juice, lemon slices, and coarse salt to it and then shaking it all well for a while.

To thicken the dressings

Add some ice cubes to a mixture of olive oil and vinegar. This will result in a creamier and thicker salad dressing, which does not only tastes good but appeals to the eyes as well.

To skim fat

Add some ice cubes to a small bowl or a glass and then dip it inside a pot containing soup or gravy, from which you wish to skim the fat. This way the fat molecules will easily stick to the cold surface of the container containing ice cubes and it becomes easy to skim fat from the food preparations.

Remove gum

Rub an ice cube over the fabric on which chewing gum is stuck. Let the gum freeze and then scrap it off using the edge of a spoon.