16 alternative uses of beer

The beer has various uses other than just giving you a nice subtle alcoholic high. Read on to know about 16 surprising alternate uses of beer.

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Here are 16 ways in which you can use a beer that does not involve drinking it.

The beer has various uses other than just giving you a nice subtle alcoholic high. Read on to know about 16 surprising alternate uses of beer.

To revive wood

Rub any dull looking wooden table with a clean cloth dipped in flat beer to revive its color and give any piece of furniture a nice shine.


For barbeque chicken

You can use beer to prepare the delicious barbeque preparation of beer can chicken that is easy, tender, and very juicy.

To put out a fire

The foam present in beer somehow works in a way similar to the traditional fire extinguisher, though not as good as the typical fire extinguisher still, you can use it in a life-threatening situation.

Deter the presence of snails and slugs

Place small containers filled with beer in a slug ridden area to lure and trap the slugs or snails with the sweet smell of beer. You can use the same trick to trap fruit flies as well.


Treat bald patches in the lawn

The fermented sugar present in beer helps to regain the color, strength, and growth of the grass in the lawn.

For hair treatment

Beer is rich in proteins, vitamins, and the alcohol present in it is beneficial to cleanse and soften the tresses. Just pour flat beer over your hair after shampooing them, let it soak in for 4 to 5 minutes, and then rinse it with water to bring back the shine of your hair.

To remove carpet stains

Pour fresh beer over the tea or coffee stains on the carpet and rub it slightly. Blot the affected area to remove the stains on your expensive rugs and carpets.


To calm the stomach

Beer is highly beneficial in digestion and it also acts as a mild pain reliever because of the carbonation effect of beer.

Use it for body massage

Use an ice cold can of beer as an ice pack to reduce muscle tension and roll out the knots and tightness of your muscles. You can also use it as a quick remedy to heal any pulled tendon or sports injury.


To loosen the rusty bolts

Because of the carbonation effect of beer, it breaks down the rust on bolts and screws, which makes them clean, shiny, and easy to unscrew.

To lure butterflies

Pour some beer over a flowery stretch of your garden to lure butterflies to the sweetness of the beer.


As a marinade

Use beer as a marinade to add a rich and caramel taste to the fish or meat preparations. Remember the beer batter fish?


Feet tired from the heat or too many hours sitting in the office? Do not worry, beer can also remedy this: prepare a footbath and you will see how the beloved blonde can give relief not only to your spirit but also to your feet!


To polish copper

The carbonation in beer can be used to clean the copper pots and pans and make them shiny as before.

To trap mice

Pour some beer in a deep and narrow container to trap the mouse in a pool of beer.

To bake bread

Add some beer to bread dough the next time you bake bread to get a flavorsome and glorious loaf of bread.

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