Read on to know how you can do some clever gardening!

People who love gardening are always seeking advice to get better harvest and greener plants. Here are some of the tricks that can help you use some of the house waste in getting better harvest and beautiful looking garden.

Use the brown part of the toilet roll as a biodegradable planter by folding it carefully at the base.


Use buttermilk as an ink to write any word of your choice on the garden wall. Let the moss grow on it to get a beautiful moss graffiti.

Use the succulent cutting as the starter for more succulents.

Use lemon peel half or eggshell as a base to start any seedling.

Convert the plastic milk jug into a watering can by piercing some holes in its cap. You can even use the handle of a milk jug by cutting it in a way so that it turns into a shovel.

Use Ikea doo-dad to make a cheap herb garden that can be placed indoors or outdoors.

Keep the basil cuttings in a small glass filled with water for it to grow roots and turn into a new plant.

Use the root or base of celery, onion, cabbage, etc. as the starter for the new plant by planting it inside the soil.

You can use shower caddies to create beautiful hanging gardens by placing any plant of your choice in it. Alternatively, you can also use a hanging shoe rack as a vertical herb garden.

Shove one end of a tightly rolled paper towel inside the soil and the other in a glass filled with water to prevent your plants from drying when you are away. Add leftover coffee grounds to the soil to enrich it.

Place a coffee filter inside the pot first at the base before filling it with soil to prevent clogging of drainage holes.

Use car wax to prevent corrosion and stiffening of garden shears. You can also store gardening tools in a builder’s sand to prevent them from rusting.

Add some baking soda to tomato plant for the harvest to turn less tart.

Place seeds of any plant that you wish to grow on a wet paper towel. Now, sow the sprouts in the soil to make sure they grow well.

Add some alum to the pots containing hydrangeas so that these flowers stay perky a little long.

Add some vodka to help cut-flowers stay fresh for a longer duration.