20 Iconic Snacks That Will Make You Nostalgic About The 90s

Many parts of the 90s culture regularly bring back memories from much younger years. For us, that is food and, most notably, snacks that can be labeled icons of the 90s. Here, we have compiled a list of 20 snacks from the 90s. Some have withstood the test of time while some have not — either way, these will surely make you reminisce!

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From numerous chocolatey bars and biscuits to more unique creations like soda candy, there were assuredly many fun snacks that every kid loved. While many seem to have gone out of existence, there's no doubt that they can still give you that needed daily dose of nostalgia.

1. Cookie Crisp

Cookie Crisp was every child's favorite for obvious reasons. Who could say no to a bowl of cereals made to taste like chocolate chip cookies!?

2. Lunchables

During the 90s, Lunchables easily won out over even the most lovingly-packed lunch boxes! Even better, there were — and still are — so many delicious options available that it was a wonder.

3. Bubble Jug

These were my fav!!! 😩😍 #TBT #BubbleJug #90s

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This product has been discontinued, but nothing beats the nostalgia of saving up to get a jug full of gum.

4. Ninja Turtles Ice Cream

A kid became a superstar when he/she got this sweet treat inspired by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

5. Soda-Licious Candy

Creativity was overflowing in the 90s, and Soda-Licious, particularly the soda-flavored Soda-Licious candy, is a good example.

6. War Heads

War Heads candy was best known for its overwhelming sourness, and for kids, it quickly paved the way for games to see who could eat the most!

7. Oreo O's

This cereal was chocolate-coated fruit loops that made for a perfect start to each day.

8. Squeeze It

We loved to drink the juice out of this, but it was even more enjoyable to fill them up for water gun fights!

9. Shark Bites

Who wouldn't love the 90s when it had these Shark Bites fruit snacks?

10. Dunkaroos

Dunkaroos were the perfect sweet combo; very little else could beat the thrill of using a cookie to scoop a lump of frosting into your mouth.

11. Minute Maid Juice Bars

These juice bars tasted like different favorite Minute Maid juice and looked way too good to be turned down — not even when the giver was your least favorite person!

12. Trix cereal — back when it had fun shapes

This is another cereal box that you'll agree made every morning just way much cooler. It wasn't just fun to eat. It was fun to look at!

13. Viennetta

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This layered vanilla ice cream treat covered in a ripple of chocolate was the stuff of every kids' dream. Although discontinued in the US, Viennetta is still popular in the UK.

14. Ring Pops

These fruit-flavored lollipops were not only famous because they were sweet; they were everyone's first engagement ring!

15. PB Crisps

I’ve written about my now-ubiquitous P.B. Crisps package scan before, but digging through my files late last night (a deep hunt for something else) I came across the actual package and snapped this photo. The story goes; about a decade ago I was on a tear, tracking down and archiving thousands of things that you couldn’t see anywhere online. Things that were effectively “un-Google-able” at the time, like an actual image of a PB Crisps package. It was no easy task doing this work – because by its nature it wasn’t about being “good at Googling” I had to find the actual THINGS! Well, back in 2010 I found and published a scan of my vintage PB Crisps package onto Flickr, and from there it went. But boy I wished I’d watermarked it because that PB Crisps scan got copied and reposted tens of thousands of times in the years that followed with only a small portion of folks sharing the originating post. 🙄 It is THE reference image for the PB Crisps brand at this point (something I’m deeply proud of in a geeky way) because if i hadn’t done that back in 2010, we’d still be left with crappy TV commercial screen grabs. Broadly speaking, I’ve always felt that my archival work provided a foundation and shared language by which a junkfood nostalgia and conversation could grow and thrive. And I think it has. I wouldn’t be surprised if Planters brings this one back from the dead. I hope they do. Swipe to see my original 2010 scan as well as a shot of my family of vintage P.B. Crisps packages. #pbcrisps #vintagepackaging #1990s #90s #90snostalgia #planters #planterspbcrisps #junkfood #vintagejunkfood #nostalgicjunkfood #junkfoodhistory #snacks #snackfood #vintagesnacks #foodflashback #junkfoodhistorian @mrpeanutofficial

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If you never got to have one of these, you missed the yummy goodness of a bowl of cereal that tasted just like peanut butter!

16. Ouch! Bubble Gum

The genuineness of snack foods from the 90s can't be overemphasized! Ouch! Bubble Gum was the easy way to soothe a child after a fall. Each stick of gum was amazingly wrapped in what looked like a colorful band-aid.

17. Gushers

If you loved these growing up, you'd be pleased to hear that you can still find them in numerous stores.

18. Spaghetti O's!

“Everybody’s got a dream, and everyday somebody’s dream comes true…”

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Spaghetti-O's are "O" shaped noodles with a marinara-like sauce that was very popular in the '90s. They are not as popular as back then but can still be found on the market.

19. Melody Pops

Melody Pops were whistling lollypops, and yes, they were a source of frustration for the typical 90s parents.

20. Pizzarias

Please bring these back 🙏 #pizzarias #pizzariaschips #throwback #theseweresogood

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What could be better than the pizza itself? Pizza-flavored Doritos!

Which of these was your favorite?

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