According to scientists, the best way to tackle garlic breath is through careful manipulation of body chemistry. Garlic has a strong "staying power" in the human body and that is regardless of what form it was consumed.

The science-backed explanation is that garlic enters the bloodstream where its effects last for a significant period. Merely ingesting garlic causes the release of sulphur compounds that are contained in it following digestion. These are circulated through the bloodstream, eventually reaching the lungs, up the throat and out the mouth. And no, not even brushing your teeth can get rid of the odor.

However, experts have discovered that you can fight this chemistry with chemistry. A few years ago, experts reported a few good items that can effectively destroy garlic breath. Some of them are lettuce, chicory, celery, potato, parsley, mint leaves, peppermint, basil, apples and mushroom. Still, not very much was known about why.

So far, the focus has been on:

  • Lettuce
  • Mint
  • Apples

A recent study shows that raw lettuce, mint and apples are powerful at removing garlic breath. This function is linked to a chemical reaction between four of garlic's sulphur compounds and a set of other molecules called phenolics.

1. Lettuce

The actions of the pure enzymes in lettuce can't get rid of the sulphur compounds that cause garlic breath alone. But its combination with phenolics proved magical at removing garlic breath.

2. Mint

Mint seems to be the most logical option because it contains high levels of phenolics. It is believed that the chemical interaction between rosmarinic acid and garlic's sulphur compounds would produce a molecule that has no smell thus, getting rid of garlic breath.

3. Apples

Last but not least are apples. Although they have a lower amount of phenolics, the amount present is significant enough to get rid of garlic breath.

Although this may sound bizarre to you, give it a try first! All you have to do is eat them alongside your garlicky meals and you won't have to worry about stinking up public spaces.