3-Ingredient Chocolate Fudge: the Easiest Recipe for a Creamy and Super Delicious Dessert!

Total time: 15 min/ cool
Difficulty: Low
Serves: 2-4
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Calling all chocoholics! This is the easiest no-bake dessert you'll ever make! This Easy Chocolate Fudge requires three ingredients you probably already have in your pantry: cocoa powder, condensed milk, and butter. Yes, that is correct. Only three ingredients. Just a few minutes of your time and a bowl will transform these pantry staples into a decadent chocolate treat. Enjoy it as a smooth and creamy pudding, perfect for a quick after-dinner indulgence. Or, transform it into a luxurious cake topping. 

How To Enjoy Chocolate Fudge

The smooth, creamy chocolate pudding most people in North America and Asia enjoy today emerged sometime in the 19th century. It usually relies on a thickener like cornstarch or flour, rather than relying solely on eggs for its texture, making it lighter and smoother.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, these puddings were marketed as a healthy food due to their high-calorie content… it’s safe to say the concept of "healthy" has evolved significantly since then.

This three-ingredient chocolate dessert has a rich and dense texture, it’s easy to prepare, and super versatile too! When stored in the fridge, the texture is similar to fudge and can be enjoyed as a sweet treat and its smooth and creamy consistency makes it suitable as a standalone dessert. Because it’s so thick and creamy. It can also be used as a decadent cake topping.


  • To make the dessert thicker, you can add a small amount of cornstarch (1-2 tablespoons) to the mixture. Whisk it together with some of the condensed milk before adding it to the pot to avoid lumps. Then cook over low heat, whisking constantly, until thickened.
  • Make it vegan by using vegan butter, vegan condensed milk, and cornstarch to thicken.
  • Use good quality cocoa powder for the richest chocolate flavor. Dutch-process cocoa powder will create a smoother texture, while natural cocoa powder provides a brighter chocolate taste. Choose whichever you prefer.
  • For an extra flavor kick, consider adding a pinch of salt to enhance the chocolate or a teaspoon of vanilla extract for a more complex taste.

Why Is the Chocolate Dessert Lumpy?

To prevent lumpiness, make sure to sift the cocoa and whisk it well, making sure the cocoa powder is fully dissolved.

How Can I Add More Flavor?

Use good quality cocoa powder for the richest chocolate flavor. Dutch-process cocoa powder will create a smoother texture, while natural cocoa powder provides a brighter chocolate taste. You can also add a pinch of espresso powder for a coffee kick, or a teaspoon of peanut butter for a peanut butter cup twist.

Which is Better for Fudge: Condensed or Evaporated Milk?

When deciding between condensed milk and evaporated milk for making fudge, condensed milk is generally the better choice. This is because condensed milk, which is sweetened and has a thicker consistency, contributes to the rich, creamy texture and sweetness that are characteristic of good fudge. The high sugar content in condensed milk also helps achieve the proper consistency without the need for additional sugar, simplifying the recipe.

Why is My Chocolate Fudge Not Setting?

If the fudge isn't setting, it is likely due to insufficient cooking time or incorrect temperatures during preparation. The mixture needs to reach the right consistency and temperature to ensure it solidifies properly. If the fudge remains too liquid or sticky, it might not have been cooked long enough to allow the ingredients to blend and thicken adequately. Additionally, if the butter isn't incorporated slowly and thoroughly, it can affect the final texture, preventing the fudge from setting correctly.

Can I Make Chocolate Pudding Ahead Of Time?

Yes, you can! The chocolate pudding keeps well in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.

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How to Store Chocolate Pudding

The Chocolate Pudding can be stored in the fridge for up to 5 days.


Condensed milk
220g (¾ cup)
Cocoa powder
120g (1 cup)
Cold butter
350g (1 ½ cups)

How To Make Chocolate Pudding

Pour condensed milk into a saucepan and sift cocoa on top.

Place the saucepan on low heat. Cook, while stirring, until the cocoa powder dissolves completely.

Add the cold butter, ½ cup at a time, stirring after each addition until the butter melts.

Pour the chocolate cream into a bowl and cover it with plastic. Let the cream set in the fridge completely for at least 3-4 hours.

Whip cold fudge with a hand mixer until smooth and creamy.

Pipe on top of your cakes or serve as a dessert.

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