• Lemon juice 1 cup fresh squeezed
  • Honey 1/2 cup
  • Cold Water 1½ cup
  • edible flowers 16

Nothing is more refreshing on a hot day than a home-made popsicle (ice lolly in the UK). These super-simple treats are made with only 3 ingredients – lemon juice, honey, and water. No colorings, no additives, and no preservatives (unlike manufactured popsicles), so you know exactly what you are eating.

You can also indulge your creative side and add edible flowers, or (as I did) freeze-dried raspberries to create something that’s beautiful to look at, as well as tasting darn good!


Squeeze lemons to make 1 cup of lemon juice

In a small saucepan, add ½ cup honey and ½ cup water, and simmer gently until honey is reduced and melted.

Add the lemon juice, honey water and 1½ cup cold water to a large jug.

Pour the mixture carefully into popsicle molds, and add edible flowers or freeze-dried raspberries if using

Place the popsicle sticks in the top and freeze for 24 hours.