To finish your lunch in a perfect way, here's three methods to serve the fruits.

Strawberry Bouquet

1) Cut petals into outermost edges of a strawberry
2) Repeat this step and make cuts more towards center of the strawberry
after each set of petals
3) Cut out the middle of the tip
4) Place on a thin wood rod with some leaves and present your beautiful

Apple Spiral

1) Cut off a third of the apple
2) Cut this into thin apple slices
3) Stick a toothpick through the slices
4) Spiral out the apples
5) Present with cheese, or berries of your choice.

Pineapple Boat

1) Cut pineapple in half
2) Cut in half again (vertical cut for both)
3) Cut out the meat of the pineapple from this piece
4) Cut thin strips out of the fruit
5) Slice the fruit and it should appear as cubed
6) Layer the slices out within the boat and present