Cleaning a grill is the most tedious job that many of us drag for days (or weeks) at length! Everyone loves a juicy beef steak that has been grilled to perfection, but no one likes to clean up the messy and dirty grill after it’s done. Here are 3 quick steps to get a clean grill in no time and without too many efforts.

Now that the winter chill is gone, it is time to pull out the grill racks, fill up the fuel tank, and smoke up all the prime cuts of meat over the hot grill. But, is your grill too dirty and filthy to be used? Was this one of those jobs that you have been avoiding since last season?

The leftover food that is stuck on the grill is a hub to extremely harmful microorganisms and can ruin your health and taste of the food that you so lovingly prepare. However, to get rid of all sorts of dirt and grease you should never make use of a brush to clean the grill as it has been reported that the tiny metallic bristles of the brush accidentally gets in contact with the food and unsuspectedly gets eaten by us, leading to health problems.

But, don’t you worry, here are a few easy and safe solutions to clean up the messy grill in the most satisfactory way!

Wipe down the dirty grill with an old and dry rag or cloth to remove any large bits of grit and grime stuck over the grill.

Now, tightly cover and seal the grill grates at the top with a couple of aluminum sheets and turn the grill on at high heat. Cover the grill with its lid and keep it covered for about 25 minutes.

After keeping it covered, turn the heat down and let it cool a little. Using a pair of tongs carefully remove the foil and take another dry old cloth to wipe off the grime and ash that has been formed over the grill grates.

That’s it, these are the 3 steps that will turn your grilling device in to a clean and safe gadget that is free from any sort of leftover bits of food. You may further use the aluminum foil sheet that you used to cover the grill, to scrub and clean each individual grill grate while it is still fairly warm.

If your grill is polished then prepare a solution of mild soap, water, and vinegar to wipe it well on the outside and inside with a soft cloth.