Read on to know about 3 superfoods that may add to our good health but are incredibly difficult to stomach.

We all are well aware of the various health benefits of consuming superfoods. The extra load of nutrients in them makes superfoods an ideal cooking choice. However, not all superfoods taste great to be conveniently added to the daily food preparations.

Here are the 3 unpalatable but highly nutritious superfoods that may offer amazing health benefits but it is quite difficult to stomach them.

Sea vegetables. Sea vegetables or seaweeds are also quite nutritious as they are pretty high in iodine content that is beneficial to maintain immunity, hormonal and thyroid health, and is high in essential minerals such as iron, potassium, and calcium. Seaweeds such as wakame, arame, nori, dulse, and hijiki contains a good quantity of amino acids, and alginic acid that offers antibacterial and detox property. Apart from this, sea vegetables are also pretty low in calories and can also be used as a supplement. Various Japanese restaurants use seaweeds in salad or sushi rolls. However, not everyone is comfortable to cook with them as it has a different smell and taste than the regular vegetable.

Edible insects. It may be quite revolting for anyone to consider eating insects for nourishment. Edible insects are very high in protein content gram for gram and also pretty high in fiber, vitamin, and mineral content. For instance, edible crickets are very rich potassium, iron, calcium and have almost 12 times more vitamin B12 content to that of salmon.

Natto. Fermented soya beans or natto is an extremely healthy Japanese delicacy and is a condiment prepared by fermenting soya beans with Bacillus subtilis var. natto that is the most potent source of a healthy bacteria. The enzyme nattokinase is one of the byproducts of its fermentation, which is beneficial to reduce blood pressure. Natto is also packed with essential amino acids, vitamin B and K, and plenty of fiber. With so many health benefits, it may still be difficult for anyone to ingest it as it is quite smelly (resembles that of smelly socks and old cheese) and has a gooey texture (snort like).