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4 Ingredients That Can Transform Your Tasty Simmer Pots This Holiday

Simmer pots, or Stovetop potpourri as some call it, is a great air freshener made with all-natural ingredients. The lovely fragrance it gives has made it very popular among homemakers, but not all know how to put one together. Keep reading to learn how you can do that.

By Cookist

Just as the name suggests, a simmer pot is a simmering pot containing citrus, spices, and some other things that can make your home smell fantastic. They make great presents, especially now that the festive period is here.

Many like gifting simmer pots because they are very useful, can be consumed, and are easily created. Below are some of the things contained within a well-made simmer pot.



The best to use is the navel orange because they are easy to locate, cost-effective, and also go well with cranberries. You can also use limes, grapefruit, or lemons. If you choose to use grapefruits, use only half of it because they are large.


Tis the season for cranberries, so grab some and leave them in the refrigerator. They beautify the simmer pot kit and give off a beautiful fragrance.

Whole spices


These can include cinnamon sticks and whole cloves. You can also find some star anise, as they have star-shaped pods that make a fun addition to the kit. Spices like these can be purchased in bulk at grocery stores. Remember to get enough if you’ll be gifting out your kit.


This can include bay leaves, rosemary sprigs, or pine shavings. They will add a woodsy scent to the blend.

How Long Does A Simmer Pot Last?


Under normal circumstances, a simmer pot can be used for a week as long as the water is replenished once it gets low and it is turned off at night.

Assembling A Simmer Pot

You can use cellophane bags, but there is no stated method to put a simmer pot together. You just need to put all the ingredients in one place and maybe add a note if you’re gifting it out.

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