Christmas is around the corner, and we have waited for an entire year to get back to the most sort after celebratory time of the year; the time when everything seems so festive, happy, and exciting. To make this time even more fun, you can explore your creative side by creating an edible do-it-yourself Advent calendar with some simple tricks at the comfort of your home. Use a homemade chocolate gingerbread as a palatable replacement to placards and make the time until Christmas a fun activity for everyone at home, particularly for the kids. Read on to know about 4 steps to make this edible calendar yourself.

Get on to the crafts table and involve the little ones at your home to make their very own edible Advent calendar. This way, you can add a fun twist to bringing the merry time into your household and get the kids busy with something fun and new. Not to forget that doing this calendar yourself can give you cheaper and tastier results.

Step 1. Create the very basic mold of this calendar by using chocolate gingerbread at your home. Bake the biscuits into a big size that should give to ample space to comfortably use it as a placard to write down upon. Do not forget to dry and cool the biscuits well to prevent them from crumbling. Make sure that you punch holes into the chocolate biscuits end before it cools down.

Step 2. Now, put numbers on the biscuits of different shapes and sizes that you have prepared. This is the perfect time to bring the family all together, and you must ask each one of them to decorate the biscuits well. You can use any fudge or ready-rolled icing to stamp out the numbers. Use a mixture of powdered sugar and a little water as a substitute to the glue that can help to stick edible glitters and sprinkles on the numbers. Again use this runny icing to hold the impressive numbers onto the biscuits.

Step 3. Use a biscuit cutter of different shapes to cut the biscuit dough before popping it into the oven to make snowflakes and other beautiful ornaments such as gingerbread man, Rudolf the reindeer, 12 days of Christmas, etc. Again use runny icing to either paint or put some shiny edible glitter to decorate the Advent calendar ornaments.

Step 4. Assemble the Advent calendar by using some straws, a board, a few drawing pins, etc. to hang on. Tie a small loop from the hole of each numbered biscuit and the ornaments so that the loop can be used to hang these edible baked delicacies onto the well placed drawing pins.