4 Ways to Save Money on Your Monthly Shop

We can all do with a bit more money-saving, right? With the current pandemic, we’ve realized even more how important it is to save up some money, and have something in the bank for the lean days. One of the best ways to save a few bucks, is to shop smart. Read on to find out how you can save money on your monthly shop!

By Cookist

Tired of a super-high grocery bill? Don’t stress. We have a few tips that will help you spend less and save more!

Be on the hunt (for the best deal)

If you prefer big name brands when it comes to cleaning products, the best place to go are the large supermarkets. Here you will be able to buy them in bulk at a cheaper price.

Speaking of bulk, it’s important that you buy the right products on bulk. You should never buy fresh produce or other perishable food items in bulk, except of course if you have a large family. Besides cleaning products, there are quite a few types of products you can buy in bulk: toilet paper, bodywash or soap, canned items, and even wine.

Fish can be expensive, so be on the lookout for fresh fish markets where you’re likely to find a great deal. Just make sure of the best-before date so you know it’s fresh!

Get couponing


When Extreme Couponing debuted in 2011, many people got excited about the potential of saving thousands of dollars. While not all us might feel the need to go dumpster diving in order to save on our weekly grocery bill, coupons are still very useful. With technology, it’s even easier to save. Most stores have apps for your mobile phone. You simply download the app, and start getting coupons or vouchers. As simple as that!

If your favorite store has a loyalty program, make sure to sign up. You will be the first to know of new deals, and they often have member-only discounts.

Avoid the ready-made section


We know that chopping onions are no fun. But all these pre-chopped vegetables can raise your grocery bill. The same with ready-to-eat meals. To save yourself time and money, set aside one day in the week to precook batches of meals (like casseroles), chop vegetables (and freeze them for later use), or to make a large pot of soup (which can also be frozen).

Know where to compromise


Sometimes we buy big name brands purely out of habit. There could be a perfectly good generic substitute, but you won’t know whether the cheaper brand is any good, if you never try it. Start experimenting with cheaper generic brands, and see where you can compromise. You might just find a new favorite!

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