Tilapia is a fish rich in omega 3 essential fatty acids and proteins. It can be a great ally of cardiovascular health and an ideal complement to the diet of pregnant women.

The tilapia is a group of fish of African origin, among which we find the blue tilapia, the tilapia of the Nile and the tilapia of Mozambique.
It is low in calories and fats and, due to the richness of its essential nutrients, it is ideal for any healthy diet.
In fact, it is an important source of vitamin D and proteins with a high biological value. After being assimilated by the organism, they provide various benefits.
Do you know them? Below, the main 5 benefits of tilapia.

1. Tilapia is suitable for pregnant women

Fish is one of the foods that are usually included in the list of those dangerous for pregnant women.
However, since tilapia is low in mercury and provides omega 3 fatty acids, it is often recommended as a food supplement.

2. Tilapia contains DHA acid

The DHA content of tilapia is another reason why this fish is recommended for pregnant women.
Docosahexaenoic acid is part of omega 3 fatty acids. It promotes the development of the central nervous system, brain and eyes of the fetus, which as a whole is very important for his/her cognitive functions.
Among other things, DHA is good to improve blood circulation, visual health and brain skills.

3. Tilapia provides proteins

Tilapia is a food with an important amount of high biological value proteins, that are those that contain more amino acids and, therefore, that are necessary to maintain a balanced diet.
These essential nutrients, which participate in cognitive processes and metabolic health, are assimilated more easily than when they are taken with other foods.

4. Tilapia is good for cardiovascular health

Adding tilapia to your regular diet is a simple and delicious way to provide important benefits to the cardiovascular system.
Although DHA is not produced naturally by our organism, it exerts important effects when it is obtained from food:
● it helps improve blood circulation, a key factor in avoiding high blood pressure and heart problems;
● it decreases the presence of bad cholesterol in the arteries, one of the main causes of atherosclerosis and heart and vascular diseases.

5. Tilapia prevents anemia

Although the tilapia iron content is minimal, it has other nutrients that can help prevent anemia:
● B vitamins (B3, B6, B9 and B12);
● Magnesium;
● Zinc.

These nutrients also help maintain skin, hair and nails healthy.