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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Egg Washes Answered

If you're new to baking then you might be wondering how professional bakers achieve the bright and golden finish on their products. Well, that's an easy answer; they brush their pastry with an egg wash before baking. Read on for a simplified guide to egg washes so that you can also achieve aesthetically-pleasing rolls on your next baking spree!

By Cookist

An egg wash is basically a mixture of egg and water that is brushed on dough, to obtain that

shiny and golden finish that's commonly featured on social media. Here are some popular

questions asked about egg washes that'll help you use them flawlessly every time.

1. What is the importance of applying egg wash?


Egg wash does not impact the flavor or scent of baked products. In fact, it has no other

function other than making baked products more pleasing to the eyes than usual.

Still, there is no overlooking the significance of egg wash considering how they make literally

any baked good, look professional and appetising!

2. What is the right way to make an egg wash?

Making egg wash doesn't require special procedure. All you have to do is mix an egg with

about a tablespoon of water and voila, you have a magical mixture that'll take your product

from ordinary to ooh-la-la!

Most bakers don’t even measure the amount of water that is whisked in, they just eyeball it

until it looks like it is the right consistency. Just ensure that the egg white and yolk are

thoroughly mixed and of a thin consistency that makes it easy to brush them on your

dough with a pastry brush.

3. How should egg wash be used?


Egg washes are typically applied on dought pastries, like bread, danish or pie crust, soft

dinner rolls or sandwich bread. They are also sometimes used to create a barrier on a pie

crust before the filling goes in to help prevent a soggy bottom.

Most times when you find egg washes in a recipe book, they're labeled "optional" as they

don't affect the flavor or texture of the final product.

4. What are the perfect substitutes for egg washes?

Other everyday ingredients that can serve as a substitute for egg washes are milk, cream,

oil, butter, honey or agave thinned out with some milk.

However, you just remember that each of these provide different results regarding the shine

and final colour.

5. What is the perfect way to store leftover egg wash?


If you make too much egg wash than you can use, you can keep it for later. Simply transfer

the liquid to an airtight container and refrigerate. The egg wash should last for 3 days.

The leftover can be used on your next batch of dough. If you're not planning to bake anytime

soon, then consider adding the leftover egg wash to scrambled eggs.


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