5 Important Tips You Should Know If You Want Your Bread To Keep For Longer

Many people underestimate the importance of storing bread properly just because it is cheap and seemingly one of those perishables that seem to last a lifetime. But, did you know that proper storage can stave off quick spoilage and keep the bread's freshness for longer? Here are 5 simple tips to help you achieve that.

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These storage tips for bread may seem simple but it won't be long before you realise that they're the absolute game changers!

1. Bread Boxes Are The Easiest Way To Prevent Mould

Bread boxes aren't merely to boost the aesthetics of a kitchen; they are actually great storage containers for bread. They are made with small holes in them that allow just a little air to circulate, preventing the growth of mould. However, if you are worried about critters reaching the bread, you can place the bread in an airtight container. Just make sure to add a slice of bread to the package; the slice with more surface area collects water thus helping to control the moisture content in the container.


2. Your Freezer Is The Best Way To Keep Bread Long-lasting

If you have too many loaves of bread then consider freezing some to store for long periods. Simply wrap the bread, whole or sliced, in a freezer bag, and make sure it is tightly sealed before transferring to a freezer. To defrost, place the frozen loaf inside a refrigerator overnight.

Leaving it to defrost at room temperature can leave the bread soggy. Also, don’t forget to unwrap from the freezer bag when defrosting to prevent any water from pooling while it thaws.

3. Don't Place Your Bread On The Fridge

Another common mistake people make is to place the bread on a fridge. If the loaf is in a paper bag, it might dry out and if it's in a plastic wrap, mould develops even faster. This is the result of the increased heat and humidity that your fridge gives off.

This also applies to other similar machines like a dishwasher. So, if you want your bread to last for longer, keep them in a dry and cool place.


4. Choose Paper Wraps Over Plastic

If you plan to eat your bread soon after buying it, then keeping it in a paper bag on your kitchen counter is fine. However, if the loaf comes wrapped in a plastic bag, make sure to transfer it to a bread box or paper bag. Plastic prevents air circulation and thus promotes mould growth.


5. Pick Up Reusable Bread Bags

If you love bread and would prefer a more versatile or eco-friendly way to preserve your bread that's not paper bags, then purchase a reusable bread bag. You can find one at a nearby bakery or grocery store, they're machine washable and work great in the freezer.


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