5 Lesser Known Things You Can Do With Eggs

Many people think eggs are only meant to be eaten, and they have come up with very ingenious ways to prepare them. Eggs are very nutritious and can be a great plate filler, but there is much more to them than just being eaten. Keep reading to find out more.

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Following are the most unique ways to put eggs to use in your home. These are not recipes but they will leave you in awe as they help fix random issues around your home.

1. Painting


Before oil painting came into existence around 1500 AD, for several decades, the painting medium people used was adapted from eggs. Egg tempera consists of a mixture of smoothly grounded pigment, a small amount of water, and the yolk of an egg.

However, the yolk was hard to preserve, so mixing a new batch every day was necessary. It made for a very stable painting medium, and examples exist even today. Egg tempera is still valid for use even today, and anyone can make it.

All you have to do is grind good quality color pigment into a paste with small water, then add some egg yolk.

2. Hair treatment


Rather than buying synthetic hair products, you can easily use eggs to prepare a homemade treatment that is cheap and effective. Eggs contain a lot of protein as well as other minerals useful to your hair.

All you have to do is rub it in and let it stay for some time. Most times, simply applying a whole raw egg to clean and damp hair, then leaving it for about 20 minutes and washing it off, will get rid of unwanted oils. If you have oily hair, use only egg white, and for dry hair, use just the yolk.

3. Shoe cleaner


If you don’t have a polishing kit, but you wish to wear that favorite leather shoe of yours out, eggs may be your answer. Separate the egg white from the yolk then with a soft sponge, rub the white into the leather until it is completely absorbed. Do it until there is no egg left. Egg white has no odor, so there is no risk of the leather developing that rotten egg smell we all fear so much.

4. Improve bad coffee


If you find that you have suddenly run out of that pack of great coffee you love so much and are left with a bad one, eggs may be able to help. With eggs around, your bad coffee does not necessarily have to be a bitter one.

Crush some egg shells into the filter with the ground coffee before brewing. It will leave the coffee smoother than it was before because egg shells, which are alkaline in nature, will neutralize the acidic content of the coffee making it much more pleasant.

5. Fix a leaking radiator

If your radiator starts leaking while you’re in the middle of nowhere and you have eggs in the car, you’re saved. Crack one open and carefully pour the white part into the radiator. If done right, the egg should move to the leak and will cook in place when the water in the radiator heats up.

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