1. Weigh yourself every 5 minutes: if you have decided to follow a diet to lose the accumulated fat, it is not the case to weigh yourself every day. Surely you won't lose the extra pounds in one day, and weighing yourself continuously will only make your self-esteem worse and make you more nervous. Follow all the advice of your nutritionist and do not mess up during meals: in this way you will be able to lose weight even without checking your weight every day.

2. Buy new jeans: when the jeans don't fit you anymore, don't immediately run for cover by buying new ones. If you keep them in the closet they can help you reach your goal because every time you choose your outfit you will remember that those jeans in the corner of the wardrobe are not fit and you need to lose weight to be able to wear them again.

3. Follow a too strict diet: if you have put on a few pounds it will be useless to try to lose them with a severe diet that will make you even more hungry. If you eat too little in fact your metabolism will be even slower and you risk increasing weight or swelling your abdomen. Better then give yourself 5 meals a day in the right doses and follow a balanced diet with foods that satiate you for a long time.

4. Skip meals: when your stomach makes you feel hungry try to indulge it, obviously without overdoing with high-calorie foods or with too large portions. In fact, it is useless to try to quell hunger by skipping meals. Try rather to prevent it with a rich and balanced breakfast and, over the main meals, treat yourself with a mid-morning and a mid-afternoon snack that will help you stimulate your metabolism.

5. Think only about food: often when you start a diet you do nothing but think about the food and the foods you can't eat that inevitably make you hungry. To fight nervous hunger, try to always have a bottle of water available that will help you increase your feeling of satiety.