The kingdom of mushrooms is really interesting and we have already seen what are the most beautiful and fatal. In addition, those we collect can be very good to eat with some rice, but some may be poisonous and deadly.
Here, then, these 5 poisonous and deadly mushrooms we have collected for you.

1. Amanita verna

This is the first mushroom to stay away from, because when we ingest it we can poison ourselves with often deadly results.
Furthermore, it is responsible for 90% of mushrooms poisonings with a fatal outcome because it is very toxic. Just think that 50 grams of this species are enough to kill a medium-weight adult man. We can find it in broad-leaved woods of beech, chestnut, oak and sometimes under the conifers. It grows in spring.

2. Galerina marginata

Galerina marginata is widespread in the northern hemisphere, including Europe, North America and Asia, with findings also in Australia. It is a brown mushroom that loves to grow in the woods on the barks or stumps of decaying coniferous trees. It grows in autumn.
Ingestion of toxic amounts of this mushroom could cause liver damage with vomiting, diarrhea, hypothermia and death (the latter occurs if the intoxication is not treated quickly).

3. Entoloma sinuatum

This mushroom is found in groups in broad-leaved woods and, in particular, of oak and beech in autumn or summer. The toxic substances it contains could damage the liver. Furthermore, intoxication with this species can be lethal on subjects who are sick, elderly and children. It would cause acute and intense gastrointestinal disorders accompanied by nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, headache, dizziness, bradycardia and difficulty in breathing.

4. Cortinarius orellanus

Also this mushroom is poisonous and deadly and it produces an extremely dangerous toxin: orellanine. The first symptom is a very strong thirst that is followed by nausea, headaches, muscle aches, chills, severe fatigue and kidney pains. The toxic substance takes a while to act, but it irreversibly damages the kidney system causing necrosis. Furthermore, it leads to death in 10% of cases or to renal transplantation. It grows in autumn.

5. Amanita phalloides

This would be the most poisonous and deadly mushroom ever because it would cause the greatest number of deaths. It grows from summer to autumn and generally in broad-leaved woods, where it loves hazel, beech, chestnut and does not even dislike conifers.
An amount of 50 grams can be fatal to humans. Moreover, its toxicity is due to the presence of two poisonous substances: the amatoxins and the phalloxins.

Guys, stay away from these poisonous and deadly mushroom species … Be careful if you find one of these in the woods!
Do you know any other poisonous and deadly mushrooms?