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5 Quick And Easy Remedies That Can Help You Heal A Burnt Tongue

Burning tongues happens many times in an average human's life but when it happens people mostly just leave it alone to heal. In this short brief we examine how to aid the healing of your burnt tongue.

By Cookist

Getting your tongue burnt can make the bumps on your tongue disappear for a short time. In such a scenario, you should find some remedy to soothe the effects.

Keep reading to learn 5 great tips that can fasten the healing of a burnt tongue.

1. Drink Cold Water


For minor burns, cold water is your friend as it

can ease the irritation and pain. To make it effective, slowly sip a glass of cold water to lower the temperature of your burnt tongue.

Doing this will let your mouth stay hydrated, and the saliva flow will be great, which is important to make sure the bacteria don’t cause additional damage to the burning area.

2. Eat Soft, Cold Foods

For the next couple of days that follow a burnt tongue, you will feel tenderness in your tongue, so it is advised you only consume cold and soft foods and drinks to ease the irritation.

After eating, make sure to drink water to remove stuck food debris because they can harm your burning tongue.

3. Rinse with Salt Water


After your mouth cools down, rinse it with slightly warm salt water. The mixture should contain ⅛ teaspoon of salt and a glass of water. Apply by gently swishing the mixture around in your mouth.

Salty warm water has antiseptic properties that can lower inflammation and pain, which will help to ease the discomfort of a tongue burn.

4. Use Honey


It has antimicrobial properties and speeds up recovery from burns. Honey has been used to cure burning wounds for decades. Following an application, ensure to brush before going to bed to keep your teeth safe from decay due to sugar.

5. Over-the-Counter Pain Medication

If your burnt tongue is still painful after trying the above home remedies, get OTC pain relievers to reduce the irritation. You can purchase ibuprofen or other medication from a drugstore to treat the burn.

A burning tongue usually gets better in a few days, but if it does not, even after you have tried some home remedies, you should see a dentist.

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