Read on to know why it is important for us to immediately discard the use of plastic containers.

Plastic is made from toxic material and there are various studies to support that these toxins may leach into anything that they come in contact with. Read on to know why it is imperative to avoid the use of plastic containers to maintain good health.

Uses toxic compounds. There are various studies that prove the presence of toxic compounds in plastics, which may lead to various health problems from infertility to cancer.

Not safe. No plastic is safe for use, not even the BPA-free variety. It has been seen that most of the companies use BPS, a close relative of BPA that is equally toxic, as a replacement for BPA. BPS is harmful to our health as it also mimics the estrogen hormone, which makes it as unhealthy as BPA.

Affects fertility. Toxic compounds present in plastics have been studies to affect the normal reproductive process and fertility of many people. There are also toxic chemicals present in plastic products that negatively affect immunity, the activity of hormones, and leads to developmental problems in children.

Obesity. The widely used chemical BADGE (bisphenol-A diglycidyl ether) in plastic products may make the stems cells to turn into fat cells as exposure to this kind of chemical may reprogram the metabolism, making it easier for our body to store calories.

Affects our planet. Most of the plastics are made from petrochemicals, which itself creates toxic discharge and pollution. This means that each plastic container is making our planet less habitable and that is very bad news for future generations.

You may instead opt for break proof glass containers, stainless steel containers, stainless steel or paper straws, glass or ceramic water coolers, and ceramic or enameled cookware as a sustainable option against plastics.