Who doesn’t like to get something new for the kitchen? TV commercials and magazines can make certain utensils seem like a necessity. But before you know it, your drawer is so full that you waste time to search for the wooden spoon you actually use. Here are 5 utensils, you can get rid of, without feeling guilty.

1. Apple corer

If you have a small business where you need to chop 2 pounds of apples per day, then by all means hold on to your apple corer. But single-purpose items can really rack up space in an already-stocked kitchen. Items like melon ballers, or avocado and banana slicers all have only one purpose, so you really have to ask yourself if they’re worth hanging on to. Rather invest in a high-quality kitchen knife that can cut all kinds of fruits and vegetables – one item with multiple purposes!

2. Crockery you never use

If you are not a regular host of dinner parties, then it’s time to reconsider the items in your crockery cupboard. Many of us hold on to plates, serving dishes, or cups, to use ‘one day’. But that day never comes. When you do have a few friends over, you tend to reach for the same dishes over and over again, leaving the other ones to gather dust and take up space. Go through your cupboard and ask yourself if you will actually use the dishes when you host an event. If the answer is no, let them go!

3. Pizza Scissors

At first glance, this may look like a cool item to have. But when you compare it to a run-of-the-mill pizza cutter, it takes up a lot more space! And with a normal cutter you can cut other foods (like pastry dough). It’s just not worth giving up so much drawer space for a novelty item like this.

4. Missed match plastics

Who doesn’t have a plastic container cupboard that’s in complete shambles? Somehow, no matter how many times we organize our storage area, we always end up with mismatched lids and containers. The best way to avoid this chaos, is to invest in high-quality plastic containers. Better yet, buy glass containers with plastic lids. These are usually suitable for the freezer and the oven (not the lids, of course!). Buy only a handful. If you run out of containers, you know it’s time to empty the fridge and get rid of leftovers.

5. Electric can opener

Does it really take that much time and effort to open a can? Unless you have difficulty opening cans because of a health condition (such as arthritis), there’s no reason why you should hold on to this space-wasting appliance. They are expensive too, so not only will you save space, you will save a couple of dollars too!

A last note…

When making decisions on which items to keep and which ones you should toss, try and determine whether they are worth the space they take up. Small single-purpose items like egg yolk separators, herb scissors, or specialty baking pans all add up. So if you only use it once in a while, then rather invest in something that can do the same job but has multiple uses!