Juicy, fresh, ripe, and bursting with nutrients… sounds delectable, right! All of us are aware of the numerous health benefits of eating fruits and would love to have them all, provided they are served on a platter! Read on to know about 5 easy time saving tricks that can solve your fruit eating woes.

There is nothing better than to eat a platter of fresh and juicy fruits in the morning. The burst of fresh flavors and a slight tang of fruits just wakes us up like nothing else can. However, eating fruits sounds way easier and convenient than it actually is. The time involved to cut, peel, core, pit, and do what not before eating the fruits is the biggest hindrance for all of us.

Here are 5 time saving tricks that can help to prep the fruits in no time and makes it a pleasing experience for you to enjoy them in the first half of the day.

1. Coring strawberry

Coring fresh strawberries are one of the most boring and time consuming jobs ever. Ease out this tedious job by just using a chopstick that you so generously get along with the Chinese take outs. Poke the pointy end of the chopstick in to the tapering narrow end of strawberry to push out the greens in a matter of minutes.

2. Slicing mango


Just use a sharp knife to slice the mangoes halves, not all the way through, whilst the peel intact. Now, with a knife carefully scoop out all the sliced mango segments from the peel in just one stroke. This way, you will save time and agony from doing the messy job of slicing mangoes after taking the peel off.

3. Peeling avocado

Use a glass with thin edges to scoop out the flesh of the avocado to get a mess-free peeled avocado meat in just a couple of minutes.

4. Peeling orange

Use a sharp knife to slice off the two ends of the orange. Now, make a deep vertical cut at one side of the orange, only until you reach the center part or core of the fruit. Pull the cut side apart to easily pull out orange segments. It is quick and less messy than to poke and peel the orange using fingers.

5. Cubing watermelons

Slice the watermelons while the green part is still intact. Now, cut off the thick green peel of watermelon and cut the remaining fruit in to cubes of even size and shape. Alternatively, you may make deep cuts on the whole watermelon fruit, first horizontally and then vertically, but not all the way through. Carefully flip the side of the fruit and cut the melon at the base (of the position in which it was originally placed) so that you get cut watermelon sticks of even size.