Read on to know how you can grow more food from the plants by enhancing the quality of the soil!

Growing fresh food at your home is the best way to nourish your health. In fact, gardening is one of the best hobbies to take up to keep you engaged and burn extra calories. Growth of fresh produce from the kitchen garden is highly dependent on the quality of the soil.

An active soil should be full of natural ingredients and organisms as well. The more the soil has little organisms growing in it, the more it is viable to promote the growth of healthy and strong plants in it. The excreta produced by these organisms is absorbed by the root of the plants, which improves the nutrient value of the produce and resistance to diseases of these plants.

Here are the 5 ingredients that can be used to improve the quality of plants.

Organic fertilizers or bone and blood

The blood and bone added with potash are beneficial for the growth of flowers, fruits, and vegetables.


It is a great soil conditioner and should be added to the garden feed.

Rotted manure

Manure of sheep, horse, chook, cow, or any other manure of a healthy animal (except for human, cats, and dogs) is great for the plant health. Just ensure that you use old or rotted manure and not the fresh one.

Liquid fertilizer

This is quickly absorbed by the plant and should be applied in early hours of the day or late afternoon to protect the foliage. It is perfect for the nutrient-deficient plants with pale-colored leaves.

Chop and drop

Add green garden foliage to the soil and then add a generous amount of blood and bone to it so that the greens can be easily broken down. Sprinkle some rock minerals and water to it. It is best to keep it in a thin layer of about 3 to 5 cms so that the lawn clippings are broken down fast and it doesn’t stay stinky and wet.