6 Changes That You Should Expect to See In McDonald’s From Now On

The coronavirus pandemic has taken an enormous toll on the food industry and, generally, the economy. For McDonald's, which is one of the largest food chains all over the world, this means installing a lot of changes to help combat the spread of the disease. Listed in this article, are some of those changes. Albeit needful, there is no gainsaying that the McDonald's we all once knew will be sorely missed.

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As economies start to reopen, and people strive to find normalcy again, there is a looming fear of a high incidence of COVID-19 as well as increased mortality. Thus, many government directives that aim at keeping people safe through social distancing.

Like many restaurants have been directed to do, McDonald's is making different changes to help their staff and customers stay safe as dining-in resumes. Here are some of them:

1. Counter Pick-Ups Will Be Scrapped


At McDonald's, you may expect to have your order called out for you to come to pick it up. Well, that won't happen anymore. From now on, you'll have a server bring your order to you using a tray. Also, the restaurant's signature meals, like the fries and burgers, will be served double-bagged.

2. You, Will, Have To Stay Six Feet Away From The Next Customer


Unlike the usual, there won't be crowds waiting in line to place orders. Every McDonald's store will mandate that every customer be separated by at least six feet so that they maintain social distancing to curb the spread of COVID-19.

3. Employees attending to the customers will also be placed behind a barrier of plastic or plexiglass for protection, and you'll have to make contactless payments.

3. Self-Serve Soda Fountains And Play Areas Will Be Sectioned Off


One primary concern for fast food restaurants like McDonald's is maintaining optimum hygiene when they typically serve a crowd every day. Thus, McDonald's plans to scrap high contact areas like the self-service drinking fountains and play areas.

Although these changes might lessen the fun and entertainment, they should be recognized as the basics – at least for now.

4. NO All-Day Breakfast


When McDonald's stores reopen to allow customers to dine in, they will only serve a limited menu. This will help ease the preparation time as well as the process of serving customers.

Thus, the removal of all-day breakfast, chicken selects, salads, and grilled chicken sandwiches. This change is, however, expected to be temporary.

5. All Employees Will Be Masked And Gloved


In a 59-page dine-in guide McDonald's released recently, they say that all employees will now have to wear gloves and masks at all times. This is the least surprising on this list, but the comforting smiles will sure be missed.

These changes might make dining in a McDonald's restaurant strange, but ensuring every customer's safety should be encouraged. While we all hope that the changes are temporary, measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 should be adhered to as best as possible.

Stay safe!

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