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6 Common Questions About Cooking Courgette Fritters Answered

Courgettes are pretty versatile so that you can incorporate it into any recipe of your choice. Still, our favorite is grating them into fritters — who can turn down these exquisite pieces fresh off the heat!?

By Cookist

Courgette fritters are seemingly the easiest way to use up your courgettes, especially now that they are plentiful. While they are indeed a good option, it'd be wrong to think they require little to no know-how!

A little mistake like forgetting to wring the courgettes before starting to cook them can make the fritters unappetizing, which is why it is advised that you know, at least the basics of cooking courgette them. Below, we have provided answers to common questions asked about cooking courgette fritters.

1. How can I get perfect strips for courgette fritters?


When making courgette fritters, the first step is cleaning them and then converting them into coarse strips. This is commonly done using a grater, but experts advise using a food processor.

This will shorten the preparation time and give you perfectly coarse strands that will combine nicely with the batter. However, if you don't have a food processor or just prefer to use a grater, go ahead!

2. How can I prevent my fritters from being soggy?

Sogginess is the bane of courgette fritters because it makes each piece unappetizing and lengthens the cooking time. Experts thus advise that the grated courgettes be squeezed before they are seasoned and cooked. You'll be surprised at the amount of water they are going to lose!

Another way to lessen the water content of the courgettes is to salt them; this takes longer than squeezing the courgette out as you'll have to wait sometime for it to work. But it works.

Therefore, experts advise salting and letting the courgettes sit for some time (about 1hr 30min) before wringing them to get as much liquid out as possible.

3. Will salting the courgette before squeezing the water out not make the fritter flavorless?


From the point mentioned above, you will understand that salting the courgette is highly recommended to lessen its water content. However, it makes many people question how tasty the courgettes will be since the water washes away the salt.

If you are one such person, then you can add a bit more salt! This is because the step of squeezing the water out can't be forgone and salting before cooking is recognized as your best bet to making the nearly bland courgette as tasty as possible.

4. What is the ideal batter recipe for courgette fritters?

The batter recipe is just as important as how you prepare the courgettes, so you want to get them right. The most straightforward recipes use a mixture of flour and beaten eggs to bind the courgette strips while some go the extra mile by adding milk to make for a wetter batter.

The first method makes for an ideally crisp fritter while the latter is softer and can be likened to a frittata. Overall, the choice depends on whether you'd like the fritters to be very crispy or doughy.

But, don't forget that if too doughy, the fritter becomes very dense so they won't be a light snack anymore.

5. Does the fritter batter need a raising agent?


No. The typical courgette fritter is made without yeast or baking powder. However, adding some won't hurt either; the raising agent will only cause it to soften and become fluffier.

It won't be the traditional courgette fritter, but that doesn't matter as long as you enjoy it!

6. What is the best way to season courgette fritters?

We like to encourage fluidity and creativity when it comes to seasoning meals, but that is not the same for courgette fritters. This is because you don't want to overshadow the subtly creamy taste of the courgettes.

If you add too many spices and herbs, you may inadvertently overshadow the courgettes' subtle flavor.

Tip: common spice recommendations include nutmeg and spring onions.

Do you know any more tips and tricks to get the perfect courgette fritters?

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