There is no doubt that fruit is a fundamental part of our daily diet; but have you ever thought about eating also seeds and peels? In fact, some fruits hold the most important nutrients in these two parts which we usually tend to discard. So here are 6 fruits of which you can also eat the peel (and sometimes the seeds) in order to fill up on benefits.

We are used to removing the peel from the fruit and eating only the inside, and the same happens with the seeds; but this is not correct for every fruit. In fact, most of the nutritional substances of the product are often present in the peel and in the seeds and, in some cases, peel and seeds can be "taken" in various forms; for the peel simply by eating it, for example, as is done with apples, but also by using it to create an infusion or by drying it; instead the seeds in some cases can be crushed, in others eaten as they are (rarer). In this way you will make the most of all the benefits of that particular food. Just be careful that, when choosing to eat the peel of the fruit, you should always opt for organic products, which have not been treated with chemicals, because these accumulate especially on the outside of the fruit. So now let’s see which are the peels and seeds that should never be discarded.

1. Oranges

The orange peel is a real concentrate of benefits; in fact it contains about twice the vitamins of the pulp, in particular vitamin C. So the peel, eliminating the bitter white part, can be used in different ways; the simplest is to use them as candied in desserts, but also in herbal teas and infusions, or even in water, to flavor it. In this way you will have a fresh, thirst-quenching and nutrient-rich drink.

2. Bananas

It may seem strange but banana peels can also be eaten; they are rich in vitamins and fiber, important for intestinal regularity. Its taste is a little bitter, but it tends to sweeten as the banana ripens; but how can you eat it? First of all, we must wait for it to ripen; then you can blend, after washing it well, together with other fruit, cereals or yogurt; finally, you can boil it and add it to dough for cakes or biscuits. A nice idea is to caramelize it, cutting it into stripes and heating it in the water and sugar in a saucepan.

3. Watermelon

In this case we are talking of peel but also of seeds; these two parts of the watermelon, in fact, are very rich in nutrients. The peel – which can be candied, but also fried or transformed into preserves – is a true elixir of well-being; it contains citrulline, a substance capable of protecting the intestine, helping to lose weight and even increase libido, but also lycopene, a very important antioxidant that tomatoes are also rich in; the seeds, on the other hand, contain above all omega-6, a good fat perfect for fighting cholesterol, proteins and mineral salts; in this case, the advice is to swallow them whole.

4. Mango

If the mango is purifying, its peel is even more so; these fruits have in fact a great ability to drain liquids and to fight fat cells, in particular the Irwin and Nam Doc Mai varieties. In addition, the peel contains important mineral salts, including magnesium and zinc. But how can you exploit these benefits? With a simple infusion, then boiling it in water, or in a fruit salad. But be careful, this is a natural remedy to use sparingly, when you feel too swollen; a long-term effect of an excessive use of mango peel is in fact not yet clear.

5. Kiwi

It may seem absurd to ingest the hairy peel of kiwis, yet this part of the product is the one that contains more antioxidants (3 times more than the pulp) and it has also great anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamin C, of ​​which kiwi is very rich, is also maximized in the skin. The peel of the kiwi can be eaten directly; in this case choose the Gold variety, removing only the woody part from the fruit. Alternatively, you can prepare a herbal tea; just boil the peel in water to have a very useful digestive remedy and deflate the belly.

6. Apples

It might seem obvious to eat the apple with all the peel but, in modern times, there are many who tend to peel apples (also because the peel of this precious fruit absorbs many substances). For this reason we recommend eating the apples with peel, but only if you have purchased organic products; in this way you will stock up on vitamins (vitamins A, C and K) but also on important mineral salts such as potassium.