Read on to know about the possible reasons for you to have a bulging belly even though you do all things healthily!

Having a flat stomach is the most desirable feature for anyone to have. To achieve this, people workout tirelessly, starve, or even give-up their favorite foods. Still, not everyone is able to lose weight and achieve that flat abdomen. Here are the common reasons why you may find it challenging to lose belly fat even after following a strict diet and exercising regularly.


Blame it on your genes if you find it difficult to lose visceral fat, which is the fat stored in the abdomen area.

Food allergies

Allergies to some food can also result in inflammation and stomach expansion, which is associated with the bloated abdomen.


This thyroid disease slows down the metabolism, which results in burning of fewer calories, and leads to weight gain and accumulation of fat throughout the body.


Perimenopausal women taking steroids to manage their hormonal changes can have persistent high body weight as steroids can alter the hormonal balance of our body. This can result in extra fat deposition throughout the body, especially in the abdomen area.


Taking anti-depressant drugs for a long time can lead to unwanted fat accumulation in the abdominal area as it affects the level of insulin in our body.


Taking insulin to manage blood sugar can trigger hormonal changes in our body and lead to weight gain as well.