There are various reasons why you’d want to make a dessert without flour. Perhaps you are gluten intolerant, or maybe you just ran out of flour. Whatever your reason might be, here are a few ideas to inspire you to dive into the world of flourless baking!

No flour on hand? Don’t worry, there are many delicious desserts and treats you can make that don’t need flour. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Oat bars

There are so many oat bar recipes, ranging from healthy to indulgent. Most recipes don’t need flour, and some are even unbaked. To make a quick unbaked (and healthy) oat bar, melt 1 cup peanut butter and ½ cup honey, and combine with 3 cups rolled oats. Press into a baking tin lined with foil, and refrigerate to set.

Meringue-based desserts

Meringues are made from egg whites, pinch of salt, castor sugar, and vanilla extract – no flour necessary! Make them as small treats, or make meringue as a base for an Eton mess, pavlova, or a floating island.

Flourless chocolate cake

There are so many flourless chocolate cake recipes available, so you won’t struggle to find one you like. Most recipes include eggs, chocolate, and butter to make a deliciously rich chocolate cake. Try our 3-ingredient flourless chocolate cake recipe, or the more elaborate chocolate cake dessert here.

Bread and butter pudding

So, while this pudding technically contains flour (in the bread, of course!), you don’t actually need flour to make it. To make the most basic forms of bread and butter pudding, you only need bread and a custard — and it’s a really delicious way to use stale bread! Try our recipe for traditional British bread and butter pudding, or if you’re feeling a bit more indulgent, try this one with chocolate.


Cheesecake is definitely one of the best desserts you can make that requires absolutely no flour. Even though some recipes use flour in the base of the cheesecake, most use crackers. Try your hand at making a Classic New York Cheesecake, or this delicious Peach Melba Cheesecake. Not only is cheesecake one of the best flourless desserts, it is one of the most popular deserts too!

Crème brulee

To make this classic French dessert you just need a handful of ingredients – sugar, cream, eggs, and vanilla extract! To get that crunchy sugary topping, you will also need a blow torch, of course!