Read on to know about the places and ways to hide the kitchen appliances!

It is quite desirable to keep the kitchen clean and organized for it to not only look appealing but also to keep diseases at bay! However, nothing compares the charm of decorating and modifying your kitchen in a way to discreetly place the gadgets and kitchen electricals to add an element of harmony in the kitchen décor.

Here are some of the ways to better organize your kitchen.

For fridge and freezers

You can hide these appliances behind a floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinet, where you can also give a drawer kind of look to the pull-out freezer. Pick a nice color and design to further enhance the look of your kitchen.


Use a customized hutch to place the microwave ovens, blenders, coffee machines, etc. and hide them in the kitchen set-up but still have them at an arm’s length away.


Hideout the refrigerators as a paneled icebox in the kitchen with exclusive doors for each section of the freezer unit. Give it an antique look to make your kitchen appear rustic and appealing.


You can hide the refrigerators or freezer units as drawers rack as well. This way, you can have many multipurpose pull-out refrigerator drawer units or shelves.

Storage space

You can build many customized storage spaces for various kitchen tools and appliances such as food processor, grinders, blender, a chopping machine, etc. in an area which is designed to fit these well while giving ample space to pick and use each one of them when the need arises.


Disguise the dishwasher area and dishwashing racks by using similar material to that of the kitchen décor to cover the doors and shelves of this gadget.