Bracelets, necklaces, earrings and magnets are just some of the ways to recycle bottle caps. Let’s avoid unnecessary wastefulness and let’s recycle waste materials creatively.

Every day we throw away an endless quantity of plastic and metal caps of bottles of water, milk, fruit juice and beer. It is possible to limit unnecessary wastefulness and turn them into unique DIY items. Let’s discover 6 easy ideas to make with the caps.


 The caps of the beers are usually colored and particular: making a hole on them and applying them to a leverback (easily available in any market) we will have unique earrings.

Necklaces and bracelets 

By combining all the plastic caps (maybe of different color) with a colored ribbon, in a few minutes we will have a necklace, a bracelet or a key ring.

Decorations for furniture or clothes

The plastic can be glued very well: so with the caps it is therefore possible to cover an old object, a vase, a table or the old button of a coat.

Works of art

There are also many artists who create mosaics and reproduce works of art only with the colored caps of the bottles.


If you paint the bottle caps and apply a magnet inside them, they will become magnets to customize your fridge.


Making a pin for your bulletin board is very simple: just glue a simple pin to the back of a beer cap. The cap can then be personalized, decorated and colored as you wish.