Read on to know how you can make use of the pastry or cake decoration bags for other purposes than just for frosting the cakes!

Many of us must have at least once tried out decorating cakes, thanks to the innumerable fancy cooking videos that make the art of cake decoration seem like the easiest job in the world. Chances are that only a few of us must be actually making proper use of these bags and many of us might not even know where it is lying in the kitchen. Well, here are some very clever ways in which you can still make use of this kitchen tool, in case you don’t fancy decorating cakes anymore.

For pancakes

Pour pancake batter into the pastry bag and then pipe it out in a circular motion onto the hot cooking pan to make perfectly round pancake or pancakes of different shapes and letters.

For cupcake

Use pastry bags to pipe out the batter in a muffin or cupcake mold to prevent getting messy end product and bake beautiful looking cupcakes.

Mashes potatoes

mashed potatoes

Pipe beautiful stars or swirls of mashed potatoes over any food preparation or bake small shapes of mashed potatoes piped on a lined baking tray until golden to decorate any dish.

For croissants

Use a pastry bag to pipe any of your favorite filling inside a freshly baked and crunchy croissant.

For pasta

Fill cheese batter into the pastry shell by using pastry bags and turn any regular pasta dish to a delicious snack or an exclusive pasta preparation.

For butter


Pipe beautiful shapes of butter over toasted bread or any other food preparation of your choice to make even any simple dish appealing.

For appetizers

Pipe fresh figs and date with cream cheese or any other filling of your choice using the pastry bag instead of a spoon.