7 Best Possible Times To Grab A Glass Of Water — That Actually Show Quick Results

It's a rather common saying that staying hydrated is a potent remedy for numerous issues. From clear skin to efficient digestion, there are also numerous studies to back up these claims. However, if you need quicker reasons to drink water today, we have compiled a list of 7 best times that you need to drink water.

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The knowledge of the importance of drinking water doesn't make it an easy task. However, there are cues that you can watch out for during the day to help you achieve your hydration goals. Here are the 7 best possible times to drink water in a day, according to experts:

Just After You Wake Up


Rather than reaching for your usual cup of coffee, kickstart your morning routine by consuming one to two cups of water. During sleep, your body becomes dehydrated, so hydrating in the morning is crucial. By replenishing your hydration levels with water, you can bring them back to normal. This practice is especially beneficial if you take medication in the morning. Remember, while coffee is not dehydrating in moderate amounts, it cannot replace the hydrating properties of water.

Before Your Meals

If you're looking to manage your weight, drinking water before a meal can be helpful. Experts suggest that a glass of water prior to eating can make you feel fuller and prevent overeating. A study conducted in 2018 confirmed that individuals who drank water before a meal consumed less food and felt equally satisfied compared to those who didn't drink water.

For even better results, consider opting for chilled water. A 2019 study revealed that participants who consumed two cups of iced water at 35 degrees Fahrenheit ate less than those who consumed warm or hot water. The cool temperature of the water slows down digestion and may help reduce your appetite.

During Meal Times


Drinking water while having your meals can enhance the digestion process, particularly when consuming foods rich in fiber. Water is especially important when incorporating plant-based foods into your diet. Fiber moves through your digestive system while absorbing water, promoting regular bowel movements and supporting digestive health. So, remember to sip on water when enjoying your fiber-packed meals.

Middle Of The Afternoon

The midafternoon slump, often experienced around 3 p.m., can leave you feeling drained. While reaching for a cup of coffee or sugary snack may seem tempting, they can have negative effects on your sleep and energy levels. Mitri suggests that dehydration might be the underlying cause of fatigue. Research indicates that even consuming caffeine six hours before bedtime can disrupt your sleep. Instead, address the root cause and make water consumption a daily habit. Dehydration can lead to fatigue and other mood-related issues, as highlighted by a 2019 review. By staying hydrated, you can maintain steady energy levels and a stable mood throughout the day.

When You Have A Headache


Dehydration is known to contribute to headaches and even trigger migraines. The National Headache Foundation advises increasing water intake to alleviate the severity, frequency, and duration of migraines. A 2020 study confirmed that proper hydration can help decrease the impact of migraines.

During Exercise

When it comes to physical activity, proper hydration is crucial for optimal performance. Begin hydrating a day or two before your workout rather than chugging water right before. Drinking excessive amounts of water just before exercising can lead to discomfort, bloating, and a feeling of heaviness during your workout. Make sure to maintain regular water intake during the activity as well as studies show that even slight dehydration can decrease performance levels.

Before Bed


While it's best not to drink too much water before bed to avoid disruptions during the night, it can be helpful to have a glass of water nearby, especially if you experience dry mouth as a side effect of medication. Keeping water within reach ensures you can quench your thirst if needed while still promoting a good night's sleep.

If you are still finding it hard to stay hydrated, find the best way to drink water whether it's by icing, adding fruits or even herbs. Enjoy!

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