7 Foods That Doctors Say Are Aphrodisiacs And Can Boost Your Sexual Health

Aphrodisiacs are a common discussion worldwide with different cultures labeling different food items to be of great impact on sexual performance. However, many of these are not backed by science. Below, we have labeled 7 food items from all over the world that doctors have reached a consensus on their aphrodisiac properties.

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There are numerous drugs that have been created to help boost sexual performance but many people shy away from them for fear of being stigmatized or because they don't think their sexual health requires medical intervention.

Well, if you are one such person then you want to read on for seven foods that you can easily consume routinely for better sexual health. .

1. Red Ginseng


Ginseng is popular in Chinese medicine because of the many health benefits it provides. A specific variety of the herb, the red ginseng has especially been found beneficial to the human libido. Several studies have observed that red ginseng can improve erectile function while one small study reports that red ginseng may improve sexual arousal during menopause.

However, experts say more research is needed before a string conclusion can be reached.

2. Pistachio Nuts


Pistachio nuts have numerous health benefits being a rich source of protein and healthy fats. But did you also know that they can also help reduce symptoms of erectile dysfunction?

Scientists suggest that these effects may be a result of the ability of pistachios to improve blood cholesterol and stimulate better blood flow throughout the body.

Again, however, more studies need to be conducted before strong conclusions can be made.

3. Maca


Maca is also known as the Peruvian ginseng because it grows mainly in the mountains of central Peru. The sweet root vegetable that also provides several health benefits with many people prasikv it for its ability to boost fertility.

Animal studies similarly reports an improvement in libido and erectile function in rodents after consuming maca. Four other studies also suggest it may boost libido in humans, too.

4. Saffron


This exotic spice, that is native to Southwest Asia, is known to be one of the world's most expensive spices by weight. The spice is commonly used as a traditional remedy to help treat depression, reduce stress, and enhance mood.

Studies have, however, proven that saffron has potential aphrodisiac properties, especially in individuals taking antidepressants.

5. Fenugreek


In Ayurvedic medicine, fenugreek is applied as an anti-inflammatory and libido-boosting treatment. This is corroborated by studies which found that the seeds contain compounds that the body can use to make sex hormones, such as estrogen and testosterone.

However, applying fenugreek as a libido booster should be done under medical supervision as it can interact with several medications and conservative treatments.

6. Tribulus


Tribulus terrestris, also known as bindii, is an annual plant that grows in dry climates. Manufacturers of supplements commonly credit it as a libido booster. But, thus far, studies have only suggested that it may raise testosterone levels in some animals. There's yet to be studies on human subjects.

Limited evidence, however, suggests that it may help boost sexual function and desire in males and females.

7. Ginkgo Biloba


This is an herbal supplement obtained from one of the oldest species of trees — the Ginkgo biloba tree. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is used to treat many ailments, including depression and poor sexual performance.

The aphrodisiac properties of the ginkgo biloba is said to be a result of its ability to relax blood vessels and increase blood flow.

Nevertheless, research studies have produced inconsistent results.

Wondering why you didn't find foods that are commonly called aphrodisiacs like chocolate and oysters? Well, that is because there's yet to be definitive research studies to support them.

In conclusion, don't forget that your decision to use any of the foods listed above as an aphrodisiac should be under medical supervision.

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