Tequila is a famed liquor that is popular throughout the world. You must have enjoyed it many times as a companion to good times but have you ever considered it as a companion to attain a good life? Read on to know about the health benefits of consuming tequila.

Tequila is a popular product of Mexico and prepared by fermenting the juices of the blue agave plant. Tequila is named after the town of the same name, which still is the largest producer of this alcohol in the world.

There are more than 300 variety of tequila and each shot of this liquor provides just 64 calories. Tequila is naturally sweet and does not require any sugary mixer to enjoy it, which may increase the calorie content of any tequila based cocktail. This Mexican pride is gluten free and can also be consumed with people having celiac disease. Also, the agavins, fructans, and other compounds present in tequila have a beneficial effect on our body.

Here are the 7 surprising health benefits of consuming tequila.

1. Weight loss

Tequila is the better liquor option as it is lower in calories than most other forms of alcoholic drinks. So, people who consume alcoholic drinks regularly may consider switching on to this to shave off some calories.

2. Digestion

It has been reported that the yeast present in tequila stimulates probiotic activity in the gut as it helps to balance the gut microbial environment.

3. Diabetes

Tequila contains fructans that have been studied to slow down the release of glucose in to the blood and thus helps to regulate the blood sugar level.

4. Dementia

Tequila also contains agavins and other active compounds that have been studied to stimulate the neural activity and slows down the onset of dementia and other neuro degenerative diseases.

5. Insomnia

This spirit, like many other alcoholic drinks, helps to wind down the body and assists in inducing sleep. However, it is not a very good practice to gulp it down in large quantities for this very reason as excessive consumption of tequila is unhealthy and can lead to unconsciousness.

6. Hangover

As opposed to the popular belief, tequila is not as lethal as many other alcoholic drinks. This spirit helps to minimize the various side effects of the hangover.

7. Immunity

Some of the household remedies of curing a common cold and flu involve consuming some tequila with lime.

However, if tequila is consumed in excess, it can lead to some not so good effects on your health such as dizziness, dehydration, constipation, vomiting, nausea, lack of coordination, headache, weakness, and body ache.