All the people who spend a lot of time in the kitchen know very well that sometimes can happen small inconveniences that will spoil your cooked meals. Sometimes you use too much salt, other times the fruit is not preserved in the right way, and other times you leave the cereal box open, but luckily there is a solution to everything. Here are the 7 necessary kitchen tricks.

1. Keep onion and avocado in the same container – It will seem absurd and disgusting but, to prevent the avocado from becoming too ripe, it is necessary to keep it in a container with a quarter of onion. The result will be incredible, because the onion slows down the oxidation process.

2. How to open a coconut in the oven – Opening a coconut always requires some strength but, to avoid getting hurt with a knife, you can simplify this action. Just make a hole in the shell to let the water come out and then put it in the oven for 10-15 minutes. At this point, it will be very easy to divide it into two parts.
3. Add eggplants or potatoes to overly salted dishes – When you have added too much salt to a dish, you can remedy with a "do it yourself" method. Place some eggplants or potatoes on the dish for 10 minutes, so that they can absorb the excess salt.

How to keep the bananas fresh with transparent wrapping film – To keep the bananas fresh for a long time, it is necessary to wrap them with transparent film. In this way, they will last 3-4 days longer than normal.

5. Make the cereal crunchy again by warming them in the oven – Who has never left the cereal box open? It is inevitable that they will lose their freshness. To make them crispy again, just put them in the oven for a few minutes before eating them. 6. Make a milk soup in the peanut butter jar – When a jar of peanut butter is almost finished, it is most often thrown away because you cannot eat the leftovers. To avoid waste, you can fill it with milk, so as to dissolve all leftovers and make a delicious breakfast.

7. Create a lid with a plastic plate for the immersion mixer – The immersion mixer is very useful for making cakes but often it makes the ingredients splash out everywhere. How can you solve this problem? Just make two holes in a plastic plate, turning it into a real lid.