Who doesn’t love to save a generous portion of a great meal for the next day? And, what if that great meal is the Thanksgiving dinner? Then there is no denying that everyone desires to save that incredible spread for the very next day as well. However, there are 7 foods that shouldn’t be kept for the next day. Read on to know more about it.

Thanksgiving brings the family together! This is one festival that is all about being grateful, making merry, and enjoying a very filling meal. While there are numerous recipes that are prepared for Thanksgiving, eating leftovers the next day is something many of us look forward to.

However, not all Thanksgiving preparations should be saved to be relished the next day as they happen to turn bad fast. Here is the list of food preparations that you should not save for next day.

Dairy based gravies. Even homemade dairy based gravies may go bad the next day as after thawing the gravy stored in the fridge its dairy part tends to separate. Also, the longer you stored these dairy based preparations the more bacteria may grow on it. In case you cannot help saving the dairy based leftovers, you must reheat and boil them after thawing as heat can kill bacteria.

Wrongly stored potatoes. If potatoes are not stored correctly after cooking, they tend to spoil fast. After cooking if potatoes are left on the counter, the bacteria Clostridium botulinum may grow on it. So, make sure to eat up all the taters as reheating them next day may put you at risk of getting food poisoning.

Yam and marshmallow casserole. Again the starchy yam is quite similar to the way potatoes are and thus this preparation should also be stored properly.

Starchy food and vegetables. Cooked vegetables and starchy foods like pasta, potatoes, and grain based preparations should not be stored in the freezer because the freezer crystallizes the water inside these food products, which breaks the food cells itself. Upon reheating and thawing the food may turn dry and loose its initial texture, thus becoming inedible.

Mushroom preparations. If stored for too long outside, mushrooms pose a serious health risk. It is also advised to not reheat the dish containing mushrooms.

sauteed mushrooms

Cooked rice. Uncooked rice may contain Bacillus cereus spores, which leads to food poisoning and these spores can survive the cooking process as well. Also keeping cooked rice at room temperature for long can help these grow. So, store rice in the fridge immediately after serving to avoid the bacterial growth.

Creamed spinach. Spinach is high in nitrates that can turn to nitrites and further to nitrosamines, which is carcinogenic in nature. So, do not microwave spinach ever to reheat it.