Read on to know about 7 ways in which you can prevent the formation of the unpleasant beer belly!

We all are born with flat tummies but with age, we tend to socialize more and eat or drink carelessly. This results in the formation of a dreaded beer belly as this alcoholic drink is quite high in calories. Here are 7 tips to prevent getting this unsightly protruding bellies.

Lift weights

Start lifting weights to strengthen your muscles and boost your metabolism. A toned body with a high metabolic rate is perfect to burn more calories in a day.

Monitor consumption of beer

It is practically the first step to prevent getting a beer paunch. Try to cut on your beer intake to just one day per week or alternately have a glass of water after every glass of beer you gulp.

Engage in cardio

Engage in anaerobic cardio exercise such as interval training or sprints that are accompanied by intense workout sessions with short resting time. It helps to burn more body fat compared to a regular 30 minutes jog.

Sleep well

Having enough sleep beats the temptation to eat a high-carb snack, which prevents the unnecessary gain of body weight.

Avoid junk food

If you socialize too often then it is best to eat light, fresh, unprocessed, and healthy meals for the other part of the week or day.

Eat more proteins

Increase your protein intake to calm the craving for unhealthy foods and boost the metabolism.

Take control of stress

Engage in some fun, calming, and less stressful activities to relax your mind and lead a happy life. There are many studies which associate stressful life to increased cortisol level, increase in appetite, and craving for unhealthy foods.