Read on to know about some of the popular pancake recipes around the world!

Pancake is a very commonly eaten and popular breakfast preparation around the world. It may be known by different names but the basic crux revolves around making a sugary flour-based batter and then cooking it on a pan. Here are some of the different food preparations of pancake that you may enjoy around the globe.


Crepes are popularly eaten in France and it is a basic unleavened version of the American pancakes. These are paper-thin and quite large in size. Crepes are usually filled with any sweet or savory topping and can be eaten for any of the three meals.


This German version of a pancake is somewhere in between crepes and regular pancakes. It can be served sweet or savory and is usually eaten for lunch or dinner.


Enjoyed in Australia and New Zealand with a cup of tea, these are thick mini pancakes that are topped with whipped cream or jam and served warm or cold.


Eaten in Uganda, these are mini banana sweet pancakes that are prepared using tapioca flour.

Cong You Bing

This savory and flaky version of scallion pancake eaten in China is popular street food and is prepared using dough and not batter.


It is the Ethiopian equivalent of a regular pancake that is prepared using teff flour. The fermented batter used to prepare it results in a rather spongy pancake.


These fluffy Greek pancakes are usually served with walnut, honey, and cinnamon.