Have you ever tried to impress someone with the perfect piece of steak but instead ruined it while grilling? If yes, this is just the right read for you to prepare the perfect steak each time you cook it.

If you have been struggling to get the perfectly done steak even after attempting many times over then you must read this piece of information. Here are 8 very common mistakes that you should be careful about while grilling the steak.

Cooking cold steak. Always thaw the meat before cooking. Even if you are keen on marinating the steak, it is advised by the experts that you must always first bring it to room temperature and then cook it. Cooking steak at room temperature not only cooks it faster but also cooks it evenly.


Uncooked steak. There could be times when you charred the steak to perfection but once you cut it, the steak turns out undercooked from inside. This occurs mainly when you do not bring the temperature of steak to room temperature before grilling that results in the center to stay cold and undercooked while the outer crust looks perfectly done.

Not seasoning it perfectly. It is very important to lightly season the steak with salt, particularly when you are not marinating it. The salt that you add stays on the outer layers of the meat and is not able to penetrate through the thick layers, which helps to balance out the flavors. Likewise, some people tend to season the steak heavily and ruin the eating experience.

Touching the steak too much. Avoid poking the steak too often while grilling it to get a nice crust on the outside.

Not using the thermometer. It is imperative to use a cooking thermometer so that you get an evenly cooked steak to your desired degree of doneness. The inside temperature of the steak should be at 120 to 125 degrees F for rare, 130 degrees F for medium rare, 140 degrees F for medium, 150 degrees F for medium well, and 165 degrees F for well done. It is best that you stick to cooking the steak till medium stage and not exceed it as overcooking will result in toughening of the meat and loss of nutrients.

Steak turns grey. If the steak is turning grey upon cooking then you need to increase the grill temperature as it means that the meat is getting steamed instead and not grilling properly.

Missing grill marks. Grill marks are an indicator of the meat cooking aptly. You should not flip and move the steak too much as it will then not leave those beautiful grill marks.

Uneven color of the steak. You must cook the steak on an evenly lit fire or at really high temperatures to get an even color on both sides of the steak. Also, oil the steak well enough to prevent it from sticking to the grill rack.