8 Foods That Are Legally Banned From Different Countries

There are never any two people who are completely alike, especially when it comes to nutrition. Many have foods they always enjoy eating no matter what but what if we told you there are some foods so terrible that governments like the US’s outrightly banned them? In this article, we examine eight of them.

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Many countries consume food banned in the United States and the US is also known to eat food that has been banned by other countries. Banned foods may have been banned because they were found unhealthy or dangerous if consumed. Some may even endanger entire animal populations.

In the list below, we have gathered some of the most intriguing examples.

1. Haggis


This food was reportedly banned in the US in 1971. It was around back then that the US placed a ban on sheep lung from being used in food products. It was an important ingredient of haggis. In fact, many British politicians have tried several times to remove the ban placed on haggis. Haggis is a Scotland national dish that looks a lot like a savory pudding. It is made up of the sheep’s heart, liver, and lungs.

2. Horse meat

To be clear, the US government did not outrightly ban horse meat. It has only banned the slaying of horses on US soil. This was eventually reversed with a spending bill however there is little interest in spending on making horse meat because it would require the need of federal funds to inspect horse slaughterhouses.

3. Farm raised salmon


According to Spoon University, Australia and New Zealand have banned this kind of salmon, also known as “Atlantic salmon.” This is because toxins and antibiotics are always present in the diet of the fishes. As a result, salmon retain chemicals that bring about symptoms like eyesight damage and cancer in those who eat these fish on a regular basis.

4. Pufferfish

Also known as fugu in Japan. According to the BBC, this fish is so deadly that the slightest deviation from its normal preparation could be lethal. This is because the intestines, ovaries, and liver of fugu contain a poison called tetrodotoxin that is known to be 1200 times more dreadful than cyanide.

5. Genetically engineered papaya 


This fruit has been banned in the US where 80% of the total existing papayas are believed to be genetically modified to resist the ringworm virus.

6. Ackee

This is the official national fruit of Jamaica but it is banned in the US. This is because it contains hypoglycin A and B. These toxic compounds cause Jamaican vomiting sickness, which at its worst can lead to coma or death.

7. Casu Marzu


It is a Sardinian cheese forbidden in the States. It is made by introducing fly larvae into pecorino, a type of hard cheese. The larvae aids advanced fermentation and as they hatch, they consume the cheese. Those who eat it will have to do so before the maggots finish it.

8. Beluga caviar

It is produced in the Caspian Sea. The United States Fish and Wildlife Service put a ban on importing it because beluga whales are considered “critically endangered."

Do you know other foods that are considered illegal?

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