Bicarbonate, vinegar or boiling water, let’s discover the 8 home remedies to clean the drains without using the chemicals sold on the market, that are too toxic and polluting.

Do you have clogged domestic drains and you do not want to call the plumber or use the chemicals on the market because they are too toxic and polluting? The old plunger and harmless substances such as bicarbonate and vinegar are some of the various natural and home remedies to clean them in the best way. To cause annoying clogging and bad odors are usually deposits of material, which obstruct the pipes. Cleaning should be done fairly regularly, at least once a month, even if it is a tedious process.

1. You can clean the drains with boiling water – Boiling a liter of water and then pouring it into a drain will allow you to clean the pipes that are not too clogged.

2. You can clean the drains with caustic soda – It is one of the best methods to unclog a domestic drain. You have to dilute 750 ml of caustic soda in 3 liters of cold water. Then pour it into the sink and leave it for half an hour. At the end of this operation, it is necessary to rinse the drain with boiling water.


3. You can clean the drains with bicarbonate and vinegar – Pour first 130 ml of bicarbonate and then 130 ml of white wine vinegar into the drain and cover with a stopper, so that the chemical reaction does not come out. Then pour another 160 ml of vinegar, cover with the stopper and wait another twenty minutes before rinsing with boiling water. This method is recommended for those particularly dirty and clogged sinks.

4. You can clean the drains with bleach – Bleach should be used only if the drain is connected to a public sewer. You have to pour 250 ml and leave to act for ten minutes. Bleach cleans and eliminates bad smells.

5. You can clean the drains with coarse salt – It's a cheap and simple method: you have to pour five tablespoons of coarse salt, five of bicarbonate and a liter of boiling water into the drain. The sink will easily unclogged.

6. You can clean the drains with a plunger – It is the classic method to clean a slightly clogged sink, it is also often used by plumbers and it is quite effective.

7. You can clean the drains with dishwashing detergent – It is necessary to mix a glass of detergent with hot water and let it work for about twenty minutes. It will be a useful method to eliminate food residues from kitchen drains.

8. You can clean the drains with lemon juice – We all have a lemon at home, it is very useful above all to eliminate bad smells. Just pour a cup of lemon juice into the drain and let it act for a few hours.