Read on to know about some very reliable ways to get rid of the strong smell of food, cooking, and spices from your kitchen!
A well lit and fragrant house feels quite welcoming as it exudes positivity. With many houses having open kitchens, it is just not easy to contain the smell of food and spices each time you cook. However, there are some natural remedies that can help you get rid of all the spice and curry smell from your house.

Read on to know about these 8 reliable tricks to counter the strong cooking smells.

1. Potato


Potatoes are really effective to contain and absorb the strong odor of aromatics in the kitchen. Just, sprinkle some salt over the potato halves and place these cut side up at different places in your kitchen.

2. Chef’s candle

Well, unlike the other nice smelling candles, chef’s candle doesn’t ooze out lovely fragrance from it but instead, it neutralizes the various kitchen odors.
Thereby, helping to reduce the disturbing pungent smell in the kitchen.

3. Chopping board

Now, this is something that will surprise you. This kitchen utility item may not help to neutralize the bad odor but is actually a culprit itself. Wooden chopping boards are particularly prone to harboring microbial growth as the juice from various organic stuff like meat, fruit, and vegetable seeps deep in it leading to bad smell. Ideally, sanitize the wooden chopping boards every week by soaking them overnight in a mix of hot water and some bleach.

4. Cinnamon

Cover up the disturbing smell in the kitchen by replacing it with a lovely gentle smell of aromatics such as cinnamon. Boil a couple of cinnamon sticks in water for 5 minutes and let it lie there uncovered to remove the nasty kitchen smell.

5. Coffee


There is something about the aroma of fresh coffee grounds that is so addictive and welcoming. The appealing aroma of even the used coffee grounds can help to banish the strong kitchen smells. Place the used or leftover coffee grounds uncovered at some distance in your kitchen to see the effect.

6. White vinegar

This item is really useful to neutralize the kitchen odor. Just, simmer some white vinegar uncovered for 15 minutes to get rid of the strong kitchen smell.

7. Citrus peels

Peels of any citrus fruit is a wonderful deodorizer. Simmer a few peels of any citrus fruit for 15 minutes, leave it on the kitchen counter, and let it do the needful.

8. Soda bicarbonate

This magical ingredient naturally gets rid of the strong kitchen smell. All you have to do is to place it at some distance in small quantities and then just see the magic.