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9 Quick Tips To Cook The Perfect Steak According To Gordon Ramsay

As easy as cooking steak may look like on cooking shows, the average person may still find it difficult to do it. According to Gordon Ramsay, this is because there are delicate details that you have to pay attention to. From getting the steak's thickness right to making sure they are properly seasoned, these are commonly overlooked steps.

By Cookist

Gordon Ramsay is a world-famous pro when it comes to cooking, and he shows that off in this short clip where he manages to make the perfect medium-rare steak in a few minutes. It is no wonder that the video has amassed 28 million views already!

Wanna cook steak like Ramsay? Here's a compilation of advice from the award-winning chef:

1. Let the steak defrost for at least 20 minutes before cooking

Gordon Ramsay advises cooking steak when it's at room temperature. He notes that this will help the meat cook evenly and help you attain that perfect rare/medium-rare quality you may be hoping for.


2. Always overseason your steak

Never forget to add seasoning to your steak and better still, make sure you "overseason" them. Ramsay says:

"Season it heavily. You lose 35% of the seasoning the minute it goes in the pan. So get salt and pepper and roll (the steak) in the seasoning, then season it again just before it goes in the pan."

3. Place the steak away from you

When placing the steak in the pan, Ramsay stresses that he is laying it "away" from himself to avoid getting an oil splash on his arms.

4. Searing is important

"No color, no flavor," Ramsay repeats. The restaurateur places great value on searing while cooking his steak. He advises letting the pan well-heated before adding the steak for that amazing sear.


5. Add herbs and garlic for an aromatic steak

While cooking your steak, add a few sprigs of thyme, crushed garlic, and rosemary for a fragrant meal.

6. Add butter for a decadent flavor

Just a few minutes before taking the steak out, Ramsay added a slice of butter and basted it until it was nicely caramelized. This will not only help add some color, but it also makes the steak more flavorful.

7. Let the steak rest

Ramsay advises letting the steak rest a few minutes after taking it out of the pan. He explained:

"I promise you, if you let it rest, it's going to be so much juicier."


8. Never slice the steak too thin

When cutting your steak, make sure that it's at least half a centimeter thick so that it remains flavorful and doesn't quickly dry out.

9. Make sure that it's cooked perfectly

Ramsay shares that his failproof trick to knowing if he has achieved the perfect medium-rare steak is by comparing the steak's feel to his pulse.

He said: "Exactly, there is the same texture as your steak – it gives a little bit but is soft enough. That's how you understand if it's medium-rare."

There you have 9 tips for when next you're making steak! Also, don't forget to enjoy it!

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