Caffeinated beverages in many forms are widely available across the world. Be it coffee or the fizzy drinks, we all love to have a caffeine high all through the day. Here are some of the surprising benefits of caffeine on the body.

Coffee is no more a leisure beverage to many of us, it is a necessity! It not only helps to fuel us to get working but is also mean to engage with fellow humans. Coffee is also vital for our brain in various fascinating ways. Read on to know about 9 of its surprising effect on us.

Caffeine is found in many foods. Caffeine is found in various energy drinks, chocolates, ice creams, sodas, protein bars, and a few weight loss pills. Other unexpected sources of caffeine are packed form of sunflower seeds and breath fresheners.

It is a psychoactive substance. Caffeine alters the brain function and affects our behavior, perception, and mood. It acts as a stimulant and affects the central nervous system by giving a kind of high.

It tricks the brain. Caffeine is structurally similar to adenosine, which makes us sleepy. It binds with the adenosine receptors in the brain, which blocks the binding process of adenosine with its receptors to make us feel tired. A rise in unbound adenosine triggers the brain to produce adrenaline that results in a feeling of being energized and charged.

Lifts the mood. Dopamine is a stimulant and is also known as the pleasure chemical. It has been studied that the effect of dopamine is better felt when the adenosine receptors are blocked.

It relieves headaches. Caffeine is also used in some headache relieving medicines as it reduces the cerebral blood flow. However, excessive caffeine consumption, or if someone is not used to drinking coffee, may lead to a headache because of the high caffeine dose.

Strengthens memory. A study was carried out that reported strengthening of memory for up to 24 hours of caffeine consumption. It also assists to recall the information and deal with dull tasks as it makes you feel less bored in performing even repetitive tasks.

It may affect appetite. Though, there is no scientific evidence to back this claim but people have used coffee as an appetite suppressant for many years.

Increase life span. There are studies that have reported that people who drink 3 to 4 cups of coffee a day are at a lower risk of dying early in life. As per another study, people who drink 2 to 3 cups of coffee every day are 18% less likely to die of cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart problems, respiratory and kidney disease.

Protects against Alzheimer’s. A study reported that people who drink 3 to 5 cups of coffee each day had 65% lesser risk of getting Alzheimer’s and dementia.