Here are 9 surprising health benefits of using chicory!

Chicory is a wonderful herb with various health benefits and is commonly found in Europe and America. This Mediterranean plant is used for both culinary and medical purposes. Read on to know about the 9 ways in which chicory can benefit our health.

For digestion. Chicory is highly beneficial for digestion as it contains the powerful prebiotic inulin.


For heart health. Inulin is also beneficial to lower the level of LDL or “bad” cholesterol in the body. Chicory is also packed with phenols that have anti-arrhythmic and anti-thrombotic activity. These are powerful antioxidants that reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease.

Prevents cancer. Chicory extract is associated with slower tumor growth. Some studies report that the anti-cancer activity of chicory is because of the presence of fructans that offer antioxidant and anti-tumor property.

For arthritis. This herb is traditionally used for arthritis as it offers anti-inflammatory property. Which means chicory can be used to treat general inflammation, aches and joint, and muscular pains.

Weight loss. Chicory contains oligofructose and inulin, both of which regulates ghrelin, an amino acid associated with the feeling of hunger.

Treats constipation. Inulin is a natural fiber that bulks up the bowel movement, promotes peristaltic motion, and secretes gastric juices.

Boosts immunity. Chicory offers antibacterial and antioxidant property, which reduces the chance of various harmful diseases.

Reduces anxiety. It also offers sedation quality to reduce anxiety, soothe the mind, and relieves stress.

Treats kidney problem. Chicory root extract can be used as a diuretic to increase the volume of urine. Frequent urination helps to eliminate toxins from the body and prevents dangerous health conditions.