1. Baking soda and peroxide mixture 

Using baking soda to clean pans is a very common hack on the internet and it is indeed believable because well, baking soda is considered the almighty DIY essential. However, giving your own a scrub using just baking soda won't cut it thus the addition of peroxide.

A few minutes of scrubbing the pan with this mixture will give you significant results but it is still not as effective as expected.

2. Magic eraser

This is one of easiest to do methods on this list. Amazingly, it works even more effectively than others. You can buy a magic eraser in the store or do it yourself using a trusted recipe.

3. Baking soda, vinegar and salt

Again, this trick requires baking soda. In the pan to be washed, pour in a little baking soda, salt then spray vinegar.

After a mere five minutes of scrubbing the pan, the stains will come off leaving it sparkling clean.

4. Boiling the pot or pan

You don't need to use the internet to learn this particular hack. It is most commonly used to ease the process of prying off food buts that have stuck to the pan.

The heating process and water soften the food bit making washing the pan a very easy task. Try to add a spoon of baking soda to get a perfectly clean pan!

5. Bleach cleansing powder and hot water

For this method, soak your pan with a mixture of warm water and a bleach powder like Ajax. Let this sit for about 30 minutes and a mild wash will leave the pan looking as good as new.

6.Steel wool

This is one of the best options if your pan is made of cast iron. The steel wool works to quickly rid the pan of rust and stains that are tough to remove.

7. Borax and warm water

Borax is typically used to clean laundry so very few know that it is an effective cleaner for pans. Simply, dissolve one cup of borax in warm water then pouring it in the pan.

Let this sit for a few minutes and wash.

8. Tea tree oil

We recommend the tea tree oil for when you want to remove sticky grime from your pan. For tough stains, it is not the perfect cleaning solution.

To use this oil, mix a few drops of it with dish soap in your pan. Then, scrub the pan for five minutes or until the stains completely come off.

9. Ketchup

Best believe that that beloved ketchup of yours is a remedy for the tough stains on your pan! Simply pour a bit in the pan and scrub; the stains come off quickly even with a mild scrub.

Yes, no need to soak the pan!

Unbelievable right? Well, experts have accrued this potent cleaning action of the ketchup to the acid present in it.