Regular consumption of fermented ginger beer is associated with a long list of benefits. Read on to know about a few of them.

Fermented ginger beer can be prepared by fermenting a boiled concoction of 3 cups of water with about 2 tablespoons of minced ginger and a little salt and sugar. Cool the ginger concoction and add the ginger bug, lemon juice to it. Stir and let it ferment in a closed container for 3 days. Cool and enjoy a delicious beverage with a myriad of health benefits.

Mood. Fermented ginger beer is a great relaxing food and helps to calm you down. The nice smell of this drink also enhances the mood, relieves pain and any mental fatigue by uplifting the mood. This beverage also helps to fight depression because it can work as a handy substitute for aromatherapy and elevates mood.

Respiration. This beverage has anti inflammatory properties, as it contains gingerol, which is beneficial to treat internal inflammation. It is also active in getting rid of other irritants such as dust and mucus, and the anti bacterial property of this beer helps to manage the coughing and breathlessness.

Immunity. The anti bacterial and anti fungal property of this beverage is beneficial to fight against various microorganisms, boosts immunity and fights against various bacterial and fungal infections.

Diabetes. The ginger present in it offers blood sugar lowering properties, improves insulin sensitivity, and manages hypercholesterolemia. But, these benefits are seen only in the home made variations of this beverage and not the store brought ones.

Hydrates and detoxify. This beverage actively hydrates the body and it is a far better beverage option than the coffee and tea, which tends to dehydrate the body. It also detoxifies the body because of the anti inflammatory components present in it.

Circulation. This beverage improves circulation of the blood by relaxing the blood vessels. This action and the cholesterol lowering property of fermented ginger beer are beneficial to reduce the risk of heart diseases as well.

Cancer. The presence of ginger and the anti inflammatory action of this beverage actively restricts the growth of harmful cancer cells. Fermented ginger beer also contains antioxidants that counter the growth of free radicals and improves our health.

Probiotics. During the process of fermentation, probiotics are formed in this drink that is beneficial to improve digestion, maintains the microbial flora of the gut, and fights harmful gut bacteria.

Pregnancy. This is one fermented beverage that can be safely consumed during pregnancy in a limited amount as it eases the feeling of nausea, removes a headache, relieves morning sickness, and improves mood and the immunity levels.