A brief on the luxurious dining space by Gucci at LA

We all aspire to experience beautiful things in life. Wearing fancy clothes, eating at choicest places, holidaying at ultra-luxurious hotels, and driving expensive cars is something that many of us can only dream about. Or, we can get to see a guy or gal enjoying this fancy life in a typical hip-hop/R&B song video! Read on to know about the newest offering by Gucci in the form of a new luxurious fine dining place in LA, where some of us can manage to visit.

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Photo credit: Gucci osteria Beverly Hills

There are certain high-end brands that really like to explore the uncharted territories and take unprecedented risks. Instead of just sticking to one thing, they divulge into many different aspects that can lure their customers and help them grow their lineage. Much like Tommy, Gucci, too, has dabbled into the dining culture of the high and mighty!

With its newest restaurant that goes by the name of Gucci Osteria da Mossimo Bottura, this luxury brand is aiming to offer fantastic food to its customers in style. Opened on the 17th of February, this eating place is located on the roof of Gucci’s Rodeo Drive boutique. It is apparently one of the few most fashionable eateries in Los Angeles.

In fact, this is not their first venture in the food industry. Gucci already runs a very successful and popular Gucci Osteria in Florence. This restaurant has grown out of the childhood friendship between the CEO Marco Bizzarri (brand Gucci) and very famous Italian chef Massimo Bottura. The iconic chef enjoys a popular fan base in the US, owing to his several television appearances and presence on Netflix. Chef Bottura has done a sizeable amount of work to reduce food waste and feed the homeless as well.

Anyhow, at their Beverly Hills restaurant, Chef Mattia Agazzi is performing the duties of Chef de Cuisine. Chef Agazzi has previously worked as a Sous chef at the Florence outlet of Gucci’s restaurant. There he worked under the leadership of Chef Karime Lopez, who also happens to be the first-ever Mexican woman to receive a Michelin star. At that time, she has even relocated temporarily to open the first Gucci Osteria at LA.

Décor of the place is set in beautiful shades of pastel blue, antique mirrors, and plush velvet, all of which, is very soothing to the eyes. The restaurant serves the Italian menu, but it does offer an LA twist to it. So, don’t be surprised to find a mention of fancy burgers between the listing of decadent pasta and farmers-market driven dishes.

The restaurant offers seating space for only 50 guests, which includes both indoor and outdoor rooftop patio areas. The place is serving both lunch and dinner meals every day, and there is a long waiting list to get a chance to experience this luxury!

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