Only 6 tables in the middle of a forest on the outskirts of Stockholm. Two young cooks (Linn Söderström and Marion Ringborg), a distance of kilometers between a table and another table and a menu shrouded in mystery; this is Nowhere, the perfect Covid free restaurant. It will open in August but it is already all sold out.

A restaurant with only 6 tables distant kilometers and kilometers from each other in a forest, surrounded by flowers and mosses at the gates of Stockholm. It looks like a setting out of the Völsung Cycle of Nordic mythology and instead it is Nowhere, a restaurant that will open on the 20th of August in Sweden, immersed in the Haringe forest a few kilometers from the Swedish capital.

Social distancing like you would have never imagined

Sweden has approached the Covid-19 emergency in a unique way, creating a mini-lockdown that involved elderly people and those at risk from previous diseases, leaving all the other activities substantially unchanged. The results are quite uncertain, but there are those who have decided to solve the catering problem by creating a totally covid-free restaurant because customers will never meet each other.

Each table has its particular position in the natural reserve; the forest, a pier, a lawn. The cooks are two; Linn Söderström and Marion Ringborg, both from Garba (Stockholm).

However extreme the idea is, it has been very successful thanks to its atmosphere; to reach your table you have to walk in the woods, immersed in the sounds of nature. Oddbird created this restaurant, it is a winery that produces non-alcoholic wine. The restaurant was designed by the The Norrmans studio with a focus on sustainability and materials, all recycled.

We do know neither the cooking methods nor the proposed menu, and there is a lot of curiosity to understand how the waiters will move and from where, and how the tables will be coordinated, because on the company website everything is shrouded in mystery. There are wonderful photos by Oddbird that also for its wine demands elegant photo shootings and a new age atmosphere. In short, a brilliant advertising move.

All these obscure points evidently did not stop the curiosity of the customers; the reservations opened on the 22nd of June and in a very short time they went totally sold out.